Day 2 Jersey Shores to Scranton Pennsylvania via Philadelphia

We started the morning off at uncle Bill’s diner for pancakes and eggs.

The food was great and our waitress was actually from Philadelphia so she was able to give us some tips on where to go and what to do. After a quick 30 minute walk along the Wildwood boardwalk.

Julie and I headed to Wawa for fuel and then off to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell, eat some cheesesteaks and find some new friends at the Arthur Ashe Youth tennis center (Legacy).

We left Wildwood and took 47 to 55 into Philadelphia, with a quick stop at Barbs Harley to get Julie some new boots and a new clip for her helmet mic (OK we had to get a new helmet mic because they don’t sell the $1.00 clips, anybody need a helmet mic?)

After Barb’s we went to Independence hall area, at this point it was about 100°. So after finding a parking garage and doing a quick change to shorts in the parking garage we went for some Philly cheesesteaks at Campo’s. After eating some great food we walked around Independence Hall and walked through the Liberty Bell pavilion.

With our sightseeing quotient for the day and without Cindy here to help us learn we decided to get on the bike and head north to Scranton Pennsylvania to prepare for the next day ride through the Catskills. But on our way out of Philadelphia interstate 76 was at a dead stop and a huge storm with rain, lightning and hail was on top of us. Thank God there was an accident about 100 yards ahead of us and we were able dash off the interstate and ran into a huge building that turned out to be a great USTA tennis facility. We met some really nice people willing to let us hide inside from the storm.

After the great storm of 2019 passed we jumped on the bike and onto the Pennsylvania Parkway for a beautiful ride up to Scranton with the temperature having dropped 10° at a minimum.

What a great day I wonder what happens tomorrow (Which is really today because I’m writing this blog one day late)

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Day 1 DC to Jersey (shore)

So the last part of my trailer day started out in Roanoke with a beautiful ride to Washington DC. The temperatures were in the mid-80s and I’ve been sending Julie texts for the last two days telling her how beautiful the weather was, then DC. When the founding fathers chose Washington DC as the capital for the United States one of the reasons they did it was so that none of the states would feel that one had influence over the other the reason they got the land cheap was it was in the middle of a swamp. Temperatures at Ronald Reagan airport 100°.

Julie’s flight came in just a couple minutes late not bad for DCA. We found a place in the parking garage for Julie to load up her luggage and so we could electrical tape her boot, did I mention that? At the end of our last trip we were putting shoe goo on her boot every day because the sole separated from the leather, we both seem to have forgotten that before this trip so Julie had flopped her way through the airport out to the bike.

Now to the actual trip. When we were planning this trip we couldn’t decide whether to go over to Delaware then north to Philadelphia or across the Delaware Bay to New Jersey. Since we’ve never done a ferry on the motorcycle we decided Delaware Bay and the New Jersey shore would be fun.

The ride from Washington DC to Lewes, DE started with a high-speed interstate Drive then a quick bite at McDonald’s my second McDonald’s trip of the day and sitting in bridge traffic in 100° heat for about 60 minutes. Once we got on the bay bridge the bridge over Chesapeake Bay the wind was blowing and life got much better.

The trip on the east side of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and Delaware was a steady progression from large roads down to beautiful country one lane roads, A great way to move from hustle and bustle of big cities down to the calm nature of what these motorcycle rides are meant to be.

We got to the ferry about an hour before loading, saw a parade of little dogs, these people love their little dogs. While we were waiting for the ferry we jumped onto and found a place in Wildwood, La Voyager. I called to reserve a room and the manager stayed open late just to check us in then closed up for the night. Grabbed a bite down the street at Dogtooth Bar & Grill. It was a beautiful trip across the bay can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

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Trailer Day 1

Well I need to make a quick 1300 miles to DC to pick up Julie on Sunday. TD1 is a evening ride to Lonoak AR, 300 miles not much to share other than the last few hours in the dark were much better thanks to my new headlight. More later, Saturday will be 700+ miles to Roenoak Va.


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The New England States – August 2019

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Daty 13: Started in Rolla and onto Bentonville and then Rockwall (566 miles)

Well the last day started in Rolla Missouri, west to Joplin then south to Bentonville Arkansas.

Once we hit Arkansas, Richard and Cindy headed home and Julie and I ate lunch with Bill and Shirley, then pointed the bike towards Rockwall.

The trip from Rolla to Bentonville was rain free and really never had a threat.  From Bentonville to Rockwall we skirted storms the whole way

but never got wet (other than our wet vests).

The day ended with 105 degrees of Texas heat, a fitting end to a trip that saw temperatures start in the 100s drop to the upper 50s a then back to the 100s.

The quick wrap-up is that we rode 12 days and 3,665 as a team.  We rode in 2 countries (USA and Canada: 4 border crossings) and 11 states (Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin).  Julie and I added 2 states getting to and from Arkansas and ended up with 13 days of riding and 4,227 miles.

Julie and I can not express how much we love theses annual trips with our dear friends.  This trip marks the 6th adventure and we are already asking where is the ride next year….

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Day 12: Bloomington to Springfield and beyond (290 miles)

Quick 55 mile drive to Springfield to the Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library. First tip to motorcycles, no parking in the garage, RV parking is fine.

What a nice museum, does a great job of presenting Lincoln’s life and impact through movies and exhibits.

After a couple of hours at the museum and library we went across the street and toured the costumes and sets from Spielberg’s Lincoln movie.

A quick bite at Subway and off to Missouri. Unfortunately Dean and Sally split off in St Louis to visit Hunter and Whitney. Hate to see them go but glad they could see the kids. Now we are down to 4.

We arrived in Rolla and decided to stop for the night. A quick meal and cards, the last night before we are down to two tomorrow afternoon.

Talk to your later….

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Day 11: Harley-Davidson Museum and onto Springfield, strike that…Bloomington (217 miles)

We started the day at the Harley-Davidson museum and wouldn’t you know it we got in on the 10th anniversary celebration.

If you’re in Milwaukee and would like to get a better understanding of Harley-Davidson then this is place for you.

And of course we ate

After a few hours at the museum we headed to Springfield, well until the storms decided that Bloomington would be a much better stop. We raced the storms and won by about 30 minutes.

Had a good meal at Bob Evans, played some games and out for the night, at you guessed it – Hampton-Inn.

(By the way I was holding a very bad hand)

Oh well it is all about the comradery.

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