Day 13 Bentonville to Home

Well what a great ride we have had this year. In all we covered 19 states and the District of Columbia. Traveled over 5,000 miles and have brought Julie’s state coverage to 46. The ride from Bentonville to Rockwall was uneventful, that is a good thing since we had over 250 miles of rain on a 350 ride. We will follow-up with a trip recap next week but now we have to get ready for the opening Baylor Football game tomorrow. Home tonight then off to Waco tomorrow. Sic’Em Bears!

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Day 12 St. Louis to Bentonville

Well the ride from St. Louis was both a trailer day and a ride from the past. From St Louis to the Springfield Mo area was interstate riding and beautiful weather. We stopped at Lamberts (home of the Throwed Rolls) for lunch since Julie and I both wanted to eat healthy. After rolls with sorghum, fried okra, Chicken and dumplings, and multiple beacon greased sides we were back on the bike.

After Lamberts we headed south on 65 to 160 then zigged and zagged through Missouri and Arkansas hitting Eureka Springs, Table Rock Lake and other great sites. This area is very special as it was where I got back into riding and where Julie, myself and many friends spent countless days riding through the unbelievable countryside.

Once we got to the NWA area we stopped into Pig Trail Harley to look over the bikes and get a bit of relief from the heat. After a few minutes at the shop and taking a look at some new CVOs we were off to see Bill and Shirley in Bella Vista.

We love getting to see Bill and Shirley and since we moved to Dallas we do not see them enough. In addition, since it was my birthday, we went out to eat and also got to see Danny and Jen as well as Mike and Marilyn – really had a great time.

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Day 11 Dayton to St. Louis

Well guess what we woke up snd the morning was beautiful early to mid60s in Dayton we jumped on the bike and let’s face it it was a trailer day.

A quick “plug” for Hampton Inns – they are consistently a great place to stay throughout the country. And Robert really enjoys the breakfast!

We stuck on I 70 most of the day with a quick stop outside of Indianapolis to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel. Then back on the bike after a short diversion to a Harley dealership and on to St. Louis to actually see the arch and visit some sites.

Checked into the Hyatt and walked across the street to visit the arch museum, watched the documentary on the construction of the arch, then took the tram up to the top.

Then since we aren’t that familiar with the area Robert checked Trip Advisor for a good place within walking distance for dinner. We chose Mango Peruvian. It was delicious!

Great afternoon/evening in St. Louis!

Off to Bella Vista tomorrow!

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Day 10 Dunkirk to Dayton

Although Julie and I don’t officially call these last few days trailer days they really are since we jump on the Interstate and focus on miles rather than attractions.

That having been said I wouldn’t want to imply that the days aren’t great and the roads aren’t spectacular, they are. The real point of these trips is to spend time together and get out to see the country via the open road.

Today was one of those days that required skill and patience. We started and finished the day in rain gear, OK so 100% of the day in rain gear. The first 70 miles of the day we had 25+MPH cross wind but avoided the rain except 30 minutes riding through Columbus Ohio.

The route today was west on I 90 and south on 76 to Pittsburgh

then west to West Virginia

ending up in Dayton Ohio.

All said today we covered about 440 miles and road through New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio…. Not bad when you’re hiding from rain all day.

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Day 9 1000 Islands to Dunkirk New York

Waking up in Alexandria Bay (or as its called by some folks from New York Alex Bay or as some people call it A Bay), is much different than the evenings. The previous evening while we were eating dinner there were people walking up and down the street shopping. This morning at about 8:30 there are no stores open on the main street, in fact there’s only one place open for breakfast, Cathy’s. They claim to have the best breakfast in Alex Bay the catch we found out is they’re the only breakfast in Alex Bay…that having been declared the breakfast was really good.

A note about the trip, every year when we go on this tour we generally have a rough plan of where we’re going to go and what we’re gonna do. Although it’s very flexible because you never know how far you’re gonna ride or what weather might keep you from progressing at the pace you had intended (for instance were staring at rain clouds while eating breakfast this morning, obviously the day after Alex Bay). This year Julie and I have based several of our trip decisions on people we’ve talked to along the way. For instance we were considering going to Bar Harbor but we’re not sure until speaking to a couple from New Jersey on the ferry ride over to the Jersey shores. We also were not sure whether we want to go to thousand islands or not but this couple in Lake Placid told us it was a wonderful location. We really enjoyed basing our trip on local recommendations – a bit of a twist from the past.

Now onto the day. We started the day with a 2 1/2 hour cruise up and down Saint Lawrence river to look at the homes that have been built by the well-to-do on the islands. We learned that are actually 1864 Islands and what constitutes an island is it must be 4 square meters, have a tree growing on it and is above water 365 days a year.

So yes this little guy does count. If you can see the sign on it that says 15 that’s not an hour marker that’s the number of people they were actually able to get on the island, just a fun sidenote.

Although that little one counted as well and it was much more typical to see this.

After the two hour cruise the boat drops you on Heart Island. The castle sits on an island named heart island built by the original proprietor of the Waldorf Astoria. He was building it for his wife.

Unfortunately while it was being constructed his wife died and as the story goes he sent word to the builders to put down all their work tools and leave and he never went to the island again. Over all the years of it sitting there unoccupied it became a place for local kids to hang out and to practice their graffiti.

The story was confirmed to us by a gentleman we met on the island who used to go out and hang out in the castle when he was young.

Now the bridge authority owns the island after having purchased it for one dollar and is in the process of restoring the castle. Restoration of the grounds and the first floor seems to be fairly advanced

but as you go up to the second, third and fourth floors you can see that the construction hasn’t made it that far but they do let you go up and look at the dilapidated state.

After jumping on the shuttle from the heart Island back to “A Bay” we got on the bike to make a few miles towards Arkansas. Along the way we stopped at the much anticipated Duff’s wings restaurant in Buffalo, the original, Julie and I both had the medium which they say is hot and they are correct.

The wings were wonderful and now back on the bike for another 50 miles to Dunkirk, New York. Today was a beautiful ride from both the roads and the weather, tomorrow it looks like we’ll get 50% of that as the weather is going to be windy and rainy, oh well we’ve had excellent conditions the whole trip we deserve one day of rain.

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Day 8 Plattsburgh to 1000 Islands…

Woke up to some pretty dense fog but by the time we had a little breakfast and packed up the bike we figured it wouldn’t be that bad, and it wasn’t! Actually just as we hit the highway the skies were clear with temps in the low 50’s again.

I wore leggings under my jeans (Julie, you probably knew that Just didn’t want there to be any confusion about who wore the leggings) and we both layered jackets on top.

As we started out the morning Robert was able to livestream our church service on his phone through our headphones. Isn’t technology incredible! However the denseness of the trees kept breaking our signal so we didn’t get to hear it all but we did get to worship with our church family (sort of).

The ride started out on New York Highway 3 heading towards Lake Placid to see the big ski jumps from the 80s Olympics. The ride down 3 from Plattsburgh was beautiful as most of the rides have been for this entire trip. The ride through the Adirondacks was very nice. Once we got to Lake Placid we got to watch some juniors training on their ski jumps down a big hill and into a swimming pool pretty interesting stuff.

We doubled back a bit and went through Saranac and jumped on 3 to 30 then 28 heading towards Alexandria Bay in the thousand Islands area.

Along the way we passed several lakes some of the more creatively named were 9, 8, 7 and 6 just to name a few, I guess when you have this many lakes you run out of real names (they should talk to Minnesota).

Once we got to the thousand Islands area we stopped at the North Country Welcome Center just under the 81 Bridge and received great advice on lodging and activities for Monday morning.

We stayed the evening at Captain Thomson’s Resort, the beds were unbelievably comfortable and we had quite a view from the balcony.

Monday morning we’re going on the Uncle Sam boat tour of the islands and castle.

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Day 7 Bethel to Plattsburgh

OK so you thought yesterday was nice and cool this morning it was 52° when we woke up and 55 when we started riding.

The highest the temperature got throughout the day was about 71° and the average was mid 60s. Although we wouldn’t have expected it leather would’ve been nice, oh well we put on the wind breakers underneath our the summer riding jackets and off.

We started the morning with a great breakfast, a little pricey but it was good.

We headed west to North Conway New Hampshire then rode the Kangamangus Highway through the White Mountains then cut over on 112 to Woodville and then 302 to Barre VT.

In Barre we ate lunch at a converted firehouse named Ladder 1 and had some great hamburgers and warmed up for the afternoon ride.

After lunch we stopped at the Harley dealer and asked for recommendations on the best road to take to New York, the consensus was 100 N and then wrap around the top of Lake Champlain.

As an aside, while we were in the dealership we looked at the new 2020 Ultra Limited CVO and although Julie wanted me to buy it she felt we did not have time to complete the transaction and finish the days ride, she is always protecting the ride. (They might have one in Dallas)

Although 100 was nice with some beautiful views it was a bit crowded, for my money I enjoyed HWY15 over to Champlain just as much.

The day ended in Plattsburgh New York the perfect set up for the Adirondacks tomorrow. So if you’re keeping track that’s four states in one day! Crazy!

Julie found us a La Quinta with laundry facilities so we did a load of clothes then had dinner at Uno’s pizza.

Another wonderful day!

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