Daty 13: Started in Rolla and onto Bentonville and then Rockwall (566 miles)

Well the last day started in Rolla Missouri, west to Joplin then south to Bentonville Arkansas.

Once we hit Arkansas, Richard and Cindy headed home and Julie and I ate lunch with Bill and Shirley, then pointed the bike towards Rockwall.

The trip from Rolla to Bentonville was rain free and really never had a threat.  From Bentonville to Rockwall we skirted storms the whole way

but never got wet (other than our wet vests).

The day ended with 105 degrees of Texas heat, a fitting end to a trip that saw temperatures start in the 100s drop to the upper 50s a then back to the 100s.

The quick wrap-up is that we rode 12 days and 3,665 as a team.  We rode in 2 countries (USA and Canada: 4 border crossings) and 11 states (Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin).  Julie and I added 2 states getting to and from Arkansas and ended up with 13 days of riding and 4,227 miles.

Julie and I can not express how much we love theses annual trips with our dear friends.  This trip marks the 6th adventure and we are already asking where is the ride next year….

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Day 12: Bloomington to Springfield and beyond (290 miles)

Quick 55 mile drive to Springfield to the Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library. First tip to motorcycles, no parking in the garage, RV parking is fine.

What a nice museum, does a great job of presenting Lincoln’s life and impact through movies and exhibits.

After a couple of hours at the museum and library we went across the street and toured the costumes and sets from Spielberg’s Lincoln movie.

A quick bite at Subway and off to Missouri. Unfortunately Dean and Sally split off in St Louis to visit Hunter and Whitney. Hate to see them go but glad they could see the kids. Now we are down to 4.

We arrived in Rolla and decided to stop for the night. A quick meal and cards, the last night before we are down to two tomorrow afternoon.

Talk to your later….

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Day 11: Harley-Davidson Museum and onto Springfield, strike that…Bloomington (217 miles)

We started the day at the Harley-Davidson museum and wouldn’t you know it we got in on the 10th anniversary celebration.

If you’re in Milwaukee and would like to get a better understanding of Harley-Davidson then this is place for you.

And of course we ate

After a few hours at the museum we headed to Springfield, well until the storms decided that Bloomington would be a much better stop. We raced the storms and won by about 30 minutes.

Had a good meal at Bob Evans, played some games and out for the night, at you guessed it – Hampton-Inn.

(By the way I was holding a very bad hand)

Oh well it is all about the comradery.

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Day 10: Mackinaw City to Milwaukee (390 miles)

Up and out to Milwaukee via Hwy 2, 41, and I43.

We started with a bit of rain/mist to cross the bridge north.

The ride on 2 along Lake Michigan is very scenic, unfortunately the pictures do not do the ride justice.

Of course the obligatory stop to stretch

And a couple of cool sights

After lunch at Perkins we were off to Milwaukee and the Iron Horse hotel.

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Day 9: Bay City to Mackinac Island (230 Miles and a ferry)

Up and out at 7:30 and north on I-75 to Mackinaw City. But fist, remember the discussion we had about slowly replacing equipment, today we stopped at ZIPS 45TH PARALLEL HARLEY-DAVIDSON to see about a face shield for Julie’s helmet,

no shield so how about a new helmet – done.

(Ok that is Cindy’s helmet, but they are exactly the same)

Now onto Mackinaw City by bike, threading through a set of storms, then onto the Mackinac island by boat

We had a great time on the island

Now back to the hotel for cards and bed…. Tomorrow we are off to Milwaukee and the Harley museum….

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Day 8: Niagara (Canada) to Bay City Michigan (306 Miles)

Woke up in Canada and started the trip west and north toward Mackinaw. Today we are riding and loving the weather and scenery.

Since we are focusing on the ride the pictures are few but here are a few.

We started the day in a Harley-Davidson shop in Canada, go figure… I spent a whopping $2.00 for two zip ties (loose coffee cup holder).

After bolstering the Canadian economy with the two dollars we headed out on the QEW…

Then 403 to 401 to 402 and the border…

Then onto Bay City for the night…

But not before a stop at McDonald’s…

tomorrow… Mackinac island

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Day 7 – Niagara Falls! (90 Miles)

Well today’s the day! We got up early to get the last 90 miles in to park the bikes at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel. We changed clothes in the lobby bathroom (where all the high class folks dress), left our luggage with the bellhop and walked down the street for some breakfast/early lunch at no where else but – Tim Horton’s!!! If you followed us at all last year you saw that we discovered this magnificent donut store that is only located in the far north and East US and Canada.

Yesterday morning, we signed up online for a Niagara Falls tour.  We were instructed to be in the lobby at 11:30 sharp so the bus could pick us up at 12:30, apparently there were a few hiccups on one of the other hotel stops.  Well we loaded up and continued the route to several other hotels and then off to Maid of the Mist, Horseshoe Falls / Goat Island and the whirlpool.  The fun part is that all of those sights are in the US, wait we are in Canada, OK lets go back to the US except this time on a tour bus.  Crossing the border required us to unload, answer the typical questions then load up again, really not that big of deal but pretty funny considering we just crossed the border a few hours earlier.  Well off to 1 more hotel on the US side, switch out a bus for a larger vehicle, then to the Maid of the Mist.

Couple of tips, if you are on the Canadian side and just want to ride the boat under the falls you can ride the Horn Blower, if you want to ride Maid of The Mist you need to go to the US, there are several sights on both side.  If you want multiple border crossing then follow out path.

Maid of the Mist:  This trip was about 30 minutes and consisted of a short trip up to the Falls, a few minutes of getting blown around and soaked.  This activity was well worth it,  once you are sitting on that boat near the Falls you really get a sense for how massive they are.

Then we were off to the Horseshoe Falls Park / Goat Island (home of Lucky) to see the falls from the top.  It is amazing how calm the water is as it approaches the falls and how violent it becomes once the “fall” begins.

The last stop on the US side was Whirlpool Park.  I was not able to see the whirlpool as clearly as I expected, probably too many Looney Toons cartoons gave me the wrong impression, but regardless of my ability to see the whirlpool it apparently is a very dangerous portion of the river, the number of people that have died there attest to that.

Well back across the border, up on the Skylon Tower (Canadian Space Needle), then back to the hotel.

To end the evening we went to a Canadian (haha) restaurant, Tony Roma’s, then off to Tim Hortons for desert (and some Gelato place that served as Sally put it “frustratingly small cones”).  Well off to more adventures….

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