PHX to Sedona (Friday 5/4)

04 May

Julie’s plane was on time and we made a hasty retreat north out of town before traffic started building. Once out of town I was going to get some gas and treat Julie to the luxury she has become accustom to, McDonalds for lunch.

All was going fine, we got out of the airport without a hitch, made the I-17 turn and then I remembered that I had forgotten to let the 4 cars that smashed into each other in on the whole “no traffic” plan.  Oh well no big deal, 30 min delay or so, could have been worse (BTW simple fender bender – did not look like anything serious, as observed by everyone that passed by).

Passed the wreck, off the interstate for gas and McDonalds, ok, Carls Jr then back on the road.  Traffic was great, the weather was outstanding.  In a very short time we hit exit 289 and were headed to Sedona, wait did I say 289 (that must have been a Lubbock throwback) the exit we should have taken was 298.  That is part of it…a few wrong turns, a course correction, and bang 15 miles later we are at our hotel.

The hotel is very nice, not one of those over the top jobs, but I would recommend it; a few hours of walking around, early diner and relaxing.

My first observation of the ride.  I am used to going on long solo rides, it is no big deal to jump on the bike and head out on a 4,000 mile journey by myself, but I have to say that the 100 miles we covered yesterday together was far better than all those solo miles put together (but don’t get me wrong I am sure I will still do a lot of the solo stuff as well 😉 ).

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