East on Hwy 160, what pass?

08 May

Wolf Creek Pass

Lunch in South Fork, no inside dining

Julie in Robert’s insulated rain gear

The Cliff House at Pikes Peak



There was a 30% chance of rain everywhere we went today and believe it or not we finished the day (360 miles) without a single drop of rain. Now to say there was no rain is accurate but in reality there was cold, altitude and even a lot of snow on the ground.

The trip to Durango from Cortez was beautiful.  The weather was mild but pleasant, no wind, and no clouds, this was a great start.   Between Durango and Pagosa Springs was gorgeous, tall pines and open valleys, we both understand the draw this part of Colorado has on people.  Continuing east of Pagosa Springs on Hwy 160, Robert remembered, once we saw the sign, that we would have to cross Wolf Creek Pass (elevation 10,850)……. so needless to say the mild weather turned into how should I put it, COLD! (for this a photo was not enough, we attached a video) Even after coming down the mountain it didn’t warm up much so Julie put on my insulated rain suit (as seen in the photo).  We stopped for lunch in South Fork, hoping to find a nice little diner to sit down inside and warm up but no such luck (again seen in the photo).

Well that was all the adventure for the day, from there we headed straight east to I-25 then north to Manitou Springs where we are staying the night in a “loverly” hotel (yes, you guessed it, as seen in the photo). Well tomorrow brings Pikes Peak, no motorcycle, we will take the train.


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2 responses to “East on Hwy 160, what pass?

  1. Mom & Dad Gilbert

    May 9, 2012 at 8:23 am

    Brrrrrrr — you 2 sure know how to handle all kinds of weather. We took the ride with you on the video and enjoyed the scenery without any other traffic. The hotel is cute and we hope you warmed up for today’s trip. A train ride will give you a break. Have a good day. Love, Mom & Dad


  2. Doug and Theresa Gilbert

    May 9, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Really cool. But you probably missed DD. Looks awesome. I love Pikes Peak. Theresa and I went about 2/3 up on hte last day of our H-moon before going to the airport. We thought we were running out of gas because the gas in the car was on the downhill side of the tank and the gauge was registering empty. You can’t get gas on the mopuntain. We turned and went back down coasting and braking. when we reached the bottom the gauge read less than half a tank.. You won’t have that problem.
    Love, D & T



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