Pikes Peak this morning and then begin the journey back to Bentonville.

09 May

The Cog Rail to Pikes Peak

On the Train to the top

Where is the air?

Hello Kansas

We woke up to crystal clear skies and mild temperatures. Instead of busting the bike out of it’s valet slot, today began a little differently. First about valet on a motorcycle, you pay the same rate but park your own vehicle, it is quite a concept, but enough about random life observations, back to the trip.  Instead of taking the bike we decided to walk the 3/4 miles to the train station, we asked the hotel people and they said it was an easy walk.  Here is a lesson learned, when you ask someone from the Rockies about a walk be sure and first consult your altimeter.  The walk to the train station was not long but it was straight up hill, a big hill.

We made the trek, made the train and had a great journey. It was Julie’s first time to Pikes Peak and well worth the trip.  We got down from the mountain safely, thanked God for gravity on the walk back from the train station and ate a nice lunch, and then packed up and headed out for Arkansas.  With the shift for Central time we left Colorado at 3 pm and headed east – ending up in Dodge City for the evening.

Looking forward to another great day of riding tomorrow and seeing Alex and Ranger when we get home and then going to help move Morgan home on Friday.  Talk to you later.

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One response to “Pikes Peak this morning and then begin the journey back to Bentonville.

  1. Doug and Theresa Gilbert

    May 9, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    Love the Pokes Peak story. Is that an incredible view or what?
    Heym the photo of Kansas -movie line – – I thought the Rocky Mountains would be a little rockier than this. Yeah, that John Denver was full of….



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