11 May




Well seven states (9 with my quick shuttle to PHX), over 2,200 miles, numerous parks and national treasures later we are back home. Ok we are not really home, we got home last night but are back on the road to pick up Morgan from OBU (yah).  By this evening we will have Alex, Morgan, Ranger, and a cat to be named later back home, God is good, but back to the trip.

The last day we woke up in Dodge City on Wyatt Earp Blvd ready for the final 350+ miles home, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.  The final day is not filled with a lot of sights that are called out in travel guides but is a truly beautiful drive.  We were both struck by how vital this part of the country is to the prosperity of America.  Much like the part of West Texas I am from this area represents what is great about our land.  One of the great things about taking these trips, besides the sheer fun, is to travel the land and think about the sacrifice and commitment of our forefathers.  The fact that they risked fortune and family to settle the land when our biggest concern is finding a gas station (in some areas a real concern) or a hotel with a vacancy, the contrast is stark and truly helps us to appreciate the sacrifices.

So for a quick recap of the trip: quick run to PHX with a stop in ABQ (got to see my family, awesome), Sedona, Jerome, Grand Canyon, Zion, Navajo Lands, Four Corners, Cortez, Durango, Wolf Creek Pass,  Manitou Springs, Pikes Peak, Dodge City, Bentonville (and about a hundred other places in-between).

Julie and I had a wonderful time.  After Twenty Five years together we continue to be best friends and more in love than ever.  We thank Christ for the relationship we share, the family we have been blessed with and the opportunity He provides.  As this trip ends and our lives continue it is important to mention that Julie and I committed decades ago to make Christ the focus of our lives and our family and we give him all praise.




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