Day .5

23 Apr

Well good morning Little Rock!  Although our trip was supposed to start this afternoon, depart from Bentonville and head to Memphis, the weather had different plans.  With the forecast calling for a high of 55 and a low of 30 on Tuesday we decided to head out Monday to beat the storms.  I am so blessed with a wife that is spontaneous and can pack for a weeklong trip in 20 min, so with all out essentials packed we were off at a few min after 5.  Who knows an early start and 20 minutes to pack may prove entertaining in blogs later this week, I am sure we forgot something, oh well that is why we love Walmart. Monday trip: So whoever said sleepy little NW Arkansas does not have traffic must not have been heading south on 540 at 5:30 trying to beat a rainstorm, probably the same guy who said running is fun. Well after 45 minutes of stop and go (ok I am sure our Dallas and Houston friends are rolling eyes at this moment) we finally broke free and started south, the rain behind us for the time being, although I am sure we will meet Tuesday night in Chattanooga. Aside from a NASCAR start to the trip and a bit of traffic during our storm run things are calm, we are really looking forward to this trip and some time together. (as Julie put it “the two of us and no computers, phones, etc.” message received, although I did get a blog exception.) Thanks: Wanted to take a moment to thank Carol and Jim for making this early start possible.  Leaving a few hours early has made a huge difference, THANKS. A few Highlights we are looking forward to this week:

  • The Ride – always the ride
  • Chattanooga – I really like that town
  • The parkway
  • Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum – the destination that prompted this trip (thanks to Julie)
  • Asheville sightseeing
  • Smokey Mountains
  • That winding road, so tagged by Julie, more commonly known as “Tail of The Dragon”
  • Seeing longtime friends, Brian and Wendi, in Nashville (ok Franklin)
  • Just to name a few….

Well off to breakfast and then we are hitting the road for Chattanooga…. Day 1 officially a go, the trip is on. PS No one tell my mom we are on a motorcycle trip, she enjoys them more as history rather than current events. JK

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