Day One – Southern Tennessee

24 Apr




So you know how when the space shuttle used to make those amazing journeys in space? Well prior to those trips there was always the pre-trip, or the move from the hanger to the launch pad, that is what Monday was for us.  Tuesday marked the real beginning of the ride and what a first day it was.  We entered into Tennessee via I40 across the Mighty Mississippi, shot through Memphis and onto the David Crocket Hwy (US64).  Tip one, don’t take the first road sign off 40 onto 64, unless of course you want to see 10+ miles of Memphis surface roads and a few hundred stoplights, ok I exaggerate, but really do not take the first exit.

We spent the day heading east to NC, through the southern part of Tennessee.  Not a lot to report today other than the ride was beautiful and the weather was great, a bit of West Texas wind but hey no complaining. (there is no crying in motorcycling).  Stopped for a couple hours for a conference call and then onto Monteagle, Tn for the evening (just North of Chattanooga).

Today we are heading to Chattanooga for a few hours then off to North Carolina.  Anticipate a bit of rain dodging today but based on the weather reports we are seeing in Bentonville we are happy to take rain and 69 degrees over 30 degrees and dry.  Talk to y’all tonight from NC.





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Posted by on April 24, 2013 in Motorcycle Trips


One response to “Day One – Southern Tennessee

  1. the blonde gardener

    April 26, 2013 at 8:31 am

    Have you been to the Jack Daniels Distillery? Free tours and the town square is a nice place to stretch your legs.



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