Day Two – Tennessee and North Carolina

24 Apr


What a day! Today was awesome from sun up to sun down. Started NW of Chattanooga with a threat of rain all day long, and not a drop until we pulled into the hotel in Asheville.

We started the day with a traditional Tennessee breakfast, at least that’s what the menu said at the smokehouse, ok diets next week.  We headed out of Monteagle around 8:30 on to Chattanooga, yes the Choo-Choo place.  Wondered around downtown for a while, very nice, and then decided the mountains were calling us, not to mention the clouds looked ominous (I am told that is a fancy word for yikes).

So off to U.S. 64 and some of the most incredible views we have seen. Nothing like hugging the side of a cliff next to a roaring river, a river by the way that Olympians have forged.  It is incredible to us that God could create such wonder and then inspire men to create a way for all of us to enjoy His creation.  If you have ever considered buying a bike this place is for you.

In summary::

  • 1,000 calorie breakfast (just joking)
  • Historic Chattanooga
  • Six hours of amazing mountain riding
  • A great lunch in Highlands, NC
  • And an amazing night in Asheville

Imagine all this and we are just getting started……. See you tomorrow from Grandfathers Mountain and the Biltmore.


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