Day Five (amended) – Singing in the Rain

27 Apr


So you know the part when Gene Kelly was dancing down the street after taking Debbie Reynolds home, just singing and dancing in the rain… Well this morning from Cookeville to Nashville was like that minus the dancing and singing and plus more rain, much more rain. We left Cookeville at around 9:30 during a pouring rain, and about 50 degrees – the good news is that it stopped pouring rain an hour after we got to the Greens in Nashville. The trip was approximately 110 miles and took about 3 hours, on I-40, ok we had a couple of stops to dry off.

Ok so the rain this morning was tough but thinking about the weather we have had through the mountains this week we have no room to complain, the weather on balance has been amazing.

After arriving in Nashville, Julie and I decided to rent a hotel room, park the bike until Sunday morning and call Brian and Wendi for lunch and reminiscing. Just before renting the room we decided to hold off and give the weather a chance to break, who knows, after hanging out with the Greens we might get lucky and forge a few more miles. This in mind we mounted up and rode to Brian and Wendi’s.


What a great time! You know those friends that you have known for a quarter of a century, that you have not seen for a couple of decades (sorry), but once you see each other you pick up like it was yesterday. Julie and I have been blessed by God to have a few friends like that and without a doubt we consider Brian and Wendi as one of those precious few couples in our lives.

After reminiscing, stuffing ourselves on BBQ (why are our best times around the table), and meeting the newest Green children we looked out the window and decided perhaps we could do a few more miles, heading home to Bentonville.

After leaving the Green’s we popped by the Franklin Harley store, no purchases, then went south on 65 and west on TN 840 to I-40 west. TN 840 is the lower loop and was a great ride, helping to avoid the Nashville traffic and providing great views. This evening we were able to add another 150 miles to the odometer leaving a very manageable 400 mile to Bentonville on Sunday.

Bottom line, any day on a motorcycle touring as a couple, Rain or Shine is a great day!

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