Day Six – The Final Stretch

28 Apr


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Well the final day started out pretty cold and remained that way for about the first 250 miles.  The clouds just wouldn’t give up. We even got sprinkled on a couple of times but nothing like yesterday.

Last night we stayed just outside Jackson, TN right off I-40. So this morning we jumped on highway 412 and basically stayed on that all the way to Springdale.

We had prided ourselves on not eating at McDonald’s this whole trip but we gave in today because we were hungry and there’s just not a lot of choices on the back roads sometimes. Then of course, once we had devoured our hamburgers and fries and got back on the road what did we pass by? Yep, you guessed it several of the “Mom and Pop” kind of diners we had been looking for.  So, what’s the moral of that story? I don’t know either…

As we travel these endless miles, Robert and I like to listen to books. In the one we are currently listening to, the main character, Jack Reacher, keeps going to the local diner for pie and coffee. All the way home we just keeping thinking about pie and a hot cup of coffee…so what did we do once we got to Bentonville? Ate a very light dinner and had pie and coffee for dessert –thank you Village Inn. Awe, the power of suggestion.

Well, we are home. Bags are unpacked. Laundry is started. And the blog is complete.

We had such a great time…touring the country and admiring the beauty of God’s creation. But it is always so good to be home.

Stay tuned for the next big ride with our good buddies Dean and Sally Hawkins and Richard and Cindy Knipple. We will be traveling the other side of the Mississippi…New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and several other states too.


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