Day 2

06 Jul






After a restful night’s sleep at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort outside Albuquerque, we headed north on 550 toward Durango, Co.  There was some beautiful scenery as we meandered through the dessert. Then the terrain changed drastically as we crossed over into Colorado. It was lush and green….what a difference a little bit of annual rainfall makes.

We stopped in Durango at the Harley shop then had lunch at Cantina’s Restaurant, service was a bit slow but because it took so long to serve us our waitress gave us free sopapillas – yum! When we came out from lunch it had rained a bit and we were sure it was going to do it some more so we prepared ourselves then continued the ride toward Silverton.

We always say, it’s not a true adventure until something goes wrong. Richard started to notice his front tire was wobbling…we discussed several reasons why this is could be happening and even tried to call for assistance, then Dean decided to check his tire pressure and it was all but flat.  We aired it up and headed on our way, we are planning to go to Harley in Glenwood Springs on Monday which changes tomorrow’s route a bit but hey, we are nothing if not flexible. So Robert just adjusted our route and all will be fine…we will continue to check Richard’s tire all day tomorrow.

We ended the day in Ridgeway at the Chipeta Spa and Lodge, unloaded the bikes and walked down the street to eat at “True Grit”.

So today…Desert, sheer drop-offs, passes, and the Million Dollar Highway! Tomorrow promises even more.

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