Day 3

07 Jul

Day 3 began with a beautiful 70 degree temperature and Richard’s bike tire was totally fine, what a blessing. So with the equipment in good shape and the people mostly awake we headed north on 550 straight to Montrose to the Loony Bean, a coffee shop owned by the brother of the owner of Kennedy’s Coffee in Bentonville. We enjoyed our coffee and cinnamon rolls while Cindy, who is not a coffee drinker, enjoyed her ice cream cone. Sally, also not a coffee drinker, but always a good sport, filled up her Harley mug with ice cold water for the trip.

Then it was off to Gunnison and on to and Ponca Springs where we stopped for lunch at an interesting little diner that served Thai food, hamburgers and hotdogs. The trip east on Hwy 50 is a great route that holds some of the most incredible sights ever! Riding through Black Canyon, by Blue Mesa Reservoir and over Monarch Pass never gets old!

After lunch we headed north on 285 through Buena Vista then northwest on 82 to Aspen by way of Twin Lakes and Independence pass. Another great ride, but a word to the wise, if you plan to go on 82 to Aspen take a skinny car or a motorcycle, there are several spots that are 1.5 lanes at best.

The day ends in Snowmass where we found a great place to stay 2 blocks from town center. We walked to diner in the open mall, looked around and turned in early to recharge.











The weather has been as close to perfect as one could ever want and sharing this adventure with our fellow riders has been so much fun. Looking forward to great day tomorrow with the desired destination being Estes Park, Colorado. Good night all!

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One response to “Day 3

  1. the blonde gardener

    July 8, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    We took this same trip one September on the motorcycle and got in a horrible snowstorm on Monarch pass. Will never forget that! Beautiful country though, the aspens were gorgeous!



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