Day 4

09 Jul

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Well as promised in yesterday’s blog today was another eventful, fun, scenery packed day. We had a relaxing start to the day In Snowmass. After drying off the bikes from the previous evening’s monsoon and eating breakfast we loaded up the bikes and headed north to Glenwood Springs to have Richards wheel looked at. The Harley shop confirmed that the wheel and tire were OK and that we should be safe to proceed. Even now we are not sure how a tire goes from 40lbs to 10lbs over lunch but the best explanation we have received, or at least the coolest, is something called a valve burp.

After leaving the Harley shop we headed east on I-70 through Glenwood Springs Canyon on our way to Vail. The ride through the canyon is spectacular and if you are one of those riders who avoids Interstates I would highly recommend you venture out onto this stretch of road, you won’t be sorry, and by the way, the speed limit ranges from 50 to 65 MPH on this part of the interstate.

Alright we made it to Vail and Cindy got to put on her tennis shoes, see they were packed for a reason. We ate lunch in Vail and wondered around for an hour or so, then after a bit of a delay we got on the bikes at 4pm and headed to Estes Park via I-70, 119, and 7. Just a side note, when you travel through Central City heading to 119 do not count on local road signs, they must not have been in the road repair and casino budget. So after finding our way out of town and onto 119 north we were out for our second leg of the day. The ride was uneventful, well other than the very large elk on the side of the road. The interesting thing about tourist spotting large wildlife is that they think that stopping in the middle of the highway to view them is the best approach, this did not cause a problem for us but was funny. Also one more note to large elk onlookers, probably best to stay in your car and not get out and take pictures, they are big wild animals and much faster than you 

We arrived in Estes Park at about 8pm and found a hotel called The Silver Moon (good find Dean). The hotel is at the end of the main shopping street and 5 miles from the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Part, guess where we are going tomorrow? We had a good meal with something called Rocky Mountain Nachos and called it a night.

As mentioned another great day with good friends and good riding. Tomorrow we’ll be off to the park then onto South Dakota via Wyoming.

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