Day 1 Bentonville to New Albany Ms:

15 Jul

Well after meeting with the family that is buying our house, nice family, I loaded up and started the trip to Atlanta for business. Yea I know, only 24 hours earlier we completed our 10 state trip but with the house closing and us moving to Dallas on Friday I had to get my motorcycle to Texas and since my trip goes Bentonville to Atlanta to Dallas the ride was the only way for three people to move three vehicles so here I go.

Short blog since the ride was uneventful. Covered about 450 miles and from AR to MS and thanks to cloud cover starting in Little Rock the heat was very manageable. Interesting thing has developed over the last year. As everyone knows I love riding my motorcycle, I love long distance and the thought of getting back on the bike 24 hours after completing a 3,400 mile trip is something I look forward to. But… since last year when Julie started touring with me I have to say that as much as I love riding alone, riding with Julie is much better, I miss her when I am riding alone. When Julie is with me we share the experience, we talk about the surroundings and generally just focus on each other. Julie and I have been best friends for 26 years and I am looking forward to the next 26.

Ok promise to blog about motorcycles from now on but for my friends who ride single and have thought about going two-up, I would strongly recommend it. Well that is all for tonight. Talk to you tomorrow as I head to Atlanta for the week.

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