Day 2, New Albany MS to Atlanta GA

15 Jul

Good morning Mississippi…. Well I had planned to start the day at 7am since heading east puts you in the hole by an hour once you hit EST, but not to be so, I left at 7.30. Stayed in the Holliday Inn Express last night, good room, good rate. I generally avoid HIE but recently they seem to be lowering prices and the AAA discount brought it down another 10% (if you are riding a lot I suggest getting AAA with the RV add-on – that is the motorcycle rider that gives you 100 miles towing). Started out on Highway 78 south heading to Birmingham, hey to my Bama friends. A quick note to riders, 78 ends before Birmingham and you have to take surface roads to 65 then 20. At the end of 78 exit turn left on Coalberg Rd, rt on Shady Grove Rd then rt on Walker Chapel rd to 65 (not well marked).

The ride from Birmingham to Atlanta was of course simple, I 20, the road from Atlanta to Dallas will be even easier, I20 . Couple of highlights on Douglasville GA: 1) sat in McDonalds for an hour while my wonderful wife closed on the sale of our house – she must have signed her name and my name a hundred times; 2) in Douglasville at the Big Rips (on Fairburn) they detailed my bike, took an hour and they charged me $20, wow, in the neighborhood – go there.

On the bike again to Atlanta, 30 miles to go to get downtown to my hotel and ride intermission, resume the ride on Friday. What is the number one rule of washing your bike, yep you guessed it, got poured on heading into Atlanta. Big drops lots of cars, oh good an underpass, oh no three cars under the pass, oh good another underpass, oh wait the rain stopped….. Well the detail was more about 15 states worth of bugs not dirt, onward through the mist. Ten miles out of Atlanta and the rain has stopped, well is to the east of 75 my north turn, made the turn made it to the hotel and parked the bike.

One more piece of advice. The hotel I am staying at, will hold the name, lets you self-park in the valet lot but wanted to charge the standard car rate of $32 per night. I understand the need to cover cost but felt that self-parking my bike in a non-car slot against the wall might merit a discount. After nicely pressing the issue with the parking lot then with the desk the hotel lowered the rate from $32 a night to $10 a night – that is reasonable. Well I am off the bike for a few days and standing in my hotel room watching the rain pour, blessed timing tonight, off to a new adventure on Friday, see you then.

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