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The Adventure Begins

So excited for Morgan…. what an adventure…. Can not wait to read all about it a day at a time.

Journeys Far and Near

This is my view everyday on the way to school!
This is my view everyday on the way to school!

Well hello there world,

 I have never written a blog before and have never been much of a writer… BUT I decided to start my own blog to record my semester abroad! I can’t promise to post everyday (nor does anyone want to read this everyday haha) but I want to share my journey and stay connected to yall as much as I can.

The day before I left home it hit me that tomorrow was January 18th… the next day I was leaving for Munich!!! This day had been long since set aside but never seemed to get closer. However, once my packing was done and everything arranged the day came without warning. I was blessed to spend a weekend in Bentonville visiting my dear friends Rachel and Sarah and in Waco visiting Alex, Courtney, and friends before leaving…

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