Day 3 – 12 Mles Around Budapest

10 Mar

Ok so the circumference of Budapest is way more than 12 miles but the loop we took was about that, or as we like to refer to it in “FitBit” talk 26,000 steps.

We departed the hotel with every intention of buying a “Hop-On-Hop-Off” bus pass from a spot down the street but when we got to the bus stop we noticed it was 30 minutes until the next bus so one of us said, cannot remember who, “lets walk to the next stop by the Parliament instead of waiting 30 minutes”.  The day kind of went like that and before you know it you have walked 12 miles and seen the entire bus tour route on foot.

WP_20140309_10_13_27_Pro WP_20140309_10_12_50_Pro

A few of the highlights from the day… great walk across the Margit Hid bridge from the Buda side to the Pest side, at least I think that is correct, we never could seem to get those side straight (darn tourists).  We then walked by Parliament and by the “Shoes on the Danube”, memorial to the Hungarian Jewish holocaust victims.

WP_20140309_10_42_10_Pro (1) WP_20140309_10_57_33_Pro

From there we went to the next “Hop On” stop but were intercepted by the competitor’s sales team and boy were they aggressive.  After fending off the mob of sellers we quickly moved past the “Hop On” and past the idea of riding the bus.

Next stop Heroes Square.

The walk to Heroes Square was about 1.6miles down Andrassy Ut, past shops that had names I could not pronounce and prices we could not afford – but the stroll was nice.

WP_20140309_11_32_15_Pro WP_20140309_12_22_37_Pro

Heroes Square reminded me of Central Park with large green spaces, a boat pond and restaurants.  In addition there were several museums, dog parks and a very large Zoo.  After walking around the park for a while and stopping for lunch and dog watching we started back across the Danube.

WP_20140309_12_47_58_Pro WP_20140309_13_02_36_Pro WP_20140309_13_27_48_Pro

On the other side we walked up the hill about 10,000 steps, ok it was not that far probably about a 5 minute walk, to the Fisherman’s Bastion to see Matthias Church which is near Buda Palace (I know it would have been smarter to do the Palace on the same day but hey who knew).

WP_20140309_16_21_16_Pro WP_20140309_16_22_02_Pro

From the Bastion we headed down the hill and back to the hotel to rest for an hour before grabbing the train to Prague.

From the hotel we took a cab to the station and met a fellow motorcycle rider who told us about his touring through Eastern Europe.  His advice was to not tour the Ukraine now but in a few weeks it would be fine, I think we may wait a bit longer.

No problems at the train station, everything went smooth and our accommodations were nice, a small room with three beds for the trip to Prague.

WP_20140309_19_09_20_Pro WP_20140309_19_47_48_Pro

Well more from Prague, good night for now.

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