Day 6 – Geneva for 1/2 a day

14 Mar

So thankful for the sleeping car on the 14 hour trip!


We arrived in Geneva at around 1:00 and walked about a mile to our hotel through the crowded city streets…Robert navigating us with the GPS on his phone. We checked in and dropped off our luggage in the room and dashed back out the door to find lunch.

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We found a café with outdoor seating. I got a pizza, Morgan got a club sandwich and Robert got pasta Bolognese.  Everything was delicious…and they didn’t even charge for the water!

We were only in Geneva for the day so we decided the best way to see the highlights was a trolley tour. We chose the International Tour which took us by all the important government buildings, such as The United Nations, Unicef, World Trade Organization, Red Cross Headquarters, World Meteorological Organization, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.  It was very interesting and really different compared to the types of ancient architecture we had seen in Budapest and Prague.

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After the trolley tour we were back on foot. We walked through “old town” – getting to see some of the historic buildings and walking along some cobblestone streets. Our timing was really good because we practically had the sidewalks to ourselves which makes for good picture taking.

We walked for a couple of hours and about 6 miles then it was time for dinner. We found a restaurant called San Remo were we had a delightful dinner….then it was back to the hotel for dessert and coffee and bed.

The hotel in Geneva was nothing special but it had three single beds a nice shower and bathroom but absolutely “no frills”. We’ve heard that in Geneva you’re lucky to get what we got for under $300 USD.

Good night and we’re off to the train station in the morning heading to Paris.Day

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One response to “Day 6 – Geneva for 1/2 a day

  1. Shirley Gilbert

    March 14, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Hi — we are having a good time following your travel blog and very thankful we aren’t trying to keep up with you! It is so neat to see you in these world famous European cities and we are impressed with how much you have seen in just a few days. Can’t wait till we know you are home safe sound though. Love you, Mom & Dad



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