Day 11 – All good things…

18 Mar

Well the flight home yesterday was uneventful, which means good, when facing three flights starting at 6:30 AM from Salzburg to Berlin, then connecting to Chicago and ending up with the short flight to Dallas. The first two flights were on Air Berlin and both planes were nice and the personnel were very helpful.

WP_20140317_06_07_00_Pro    WP_20140317_06_12_02_Pro WP_20140317_06_08_57_Pro

The flight from Chicago to Dallas was on American and again no issues at all, we tried to take a bump in Chicago for $300 a ticket (DC Fund) but they ended up not needing volunteers, probably best we did not get the bump since when we got home last night we were beat.


This final entry will wrap up the trip and a few comments.

We started from Dallas on the 6th and ended up in Dallas on the 17th, seems like a good progression.  In-between we visited and had extended stays in Salzburg Austria, Budapest Hungary, Prague (Praha) Czech Republic, Geneva Switzerland, and Paris France.  We traveled through the US, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, and France.  We took two night trains and the rest of the time stayed in local/regional hotels.

WP_20140307_15_27_58_Pro WP_20140308_16_09_31_Pro WP_20140310_20_50_54_Pro WP_20140312_17_31_43_Pro WP_20140314_20_00_44_Pro

We traveled by train primarily

WP_20140308_09_56_16_Pro WP_20140309_19_37_50_Pro WP_20140311_20_10_24_Pro WP_20140313_13_20_57_Pro WP_20140315_08_30_43_Pro

but within the cities we used bus, taxi, metro, boat and Segway.

WP_20140314_20_12_18_Pro WP_20140316_10_49_20_Pro WP_20140308_19_00_12_Pro WP_20140310_13_38_03_Pro WP_20140316_14_09_18_Pro

unfortunately we did not travel by

WP_20140309_11_06_02_Pro WP_20140314_17_35_29_Pro WP_20140314_18_31_05_Pro WP_20140314_18_41_27_Pro

But at least we did not have to go by

WP_20140309_14_13_46_Pro  WP_20140316_20_15_45_Pro

I mention this because everywhere we went there were ways to get around for reasonable prices.  I should also say that on the trip we walked an average of 10 miles a day, which allowed us to eat without concern.

WP_20140308_07_29_04_Pro WP_20140309_19_11_35_Pro WP_20140310_20_17_18_Pro WP_20140311_10_38_39_Pro WP_20140314_16_32_03_Pro WP_20140316_09_06_35_Pro WP_20140308_17_14_33_Pro (1) WP_20140309_11_59_14_Pro WP_20140313_09_31_23_Pro (1) WP_20140315_07_12_26_Pro

I believe Julie, Morgan and I would all say that Budapest and Prague (Praha) were our two favorite stops but that Paris was very nice as well.  Each location had its highlights but those three were top.  Geneva was nice but we probably had too short of a stop there to be able to comment fully.

Salzburg was not considered in that list because to do so would be unfair.  Salzburg is where Morgan calls home for now having been there six weeks and looking forward to the next 7.  She seems to love the city and the country and without a doubt the wonderful new friends she has made.  Morgan was glowing about all of the experiences and stated that attending school in Salzburg is the best decision she had made, she has absolutely no regrets.  The people we met from the city, the school, and her home and in general are great.

WP_20140316_16_23_09_Pro Created with Nokia Camera WP_20140316_19_41_53_Pro

Julie and I left even more convinced that the kid’s decisions to spend time in foreign study, the UK for Alex and Austria for Morgan were good ones.  They both have had once in a lifetime experiences and have grown as individuals.  The time abroad has given them the opportunity to test their beliefs outside the safe confines of home and has enabled more exposure to the world’s perspectives and cultures.

Their experiences living outside the US will serve them well in the years to come and we feel blessed that they were able to take advantage of the opportunities. With that we will close out the trip BLOG for Europe Spring Break.

Time to start planning for the next Motorcycle trip – should be late summer/early Fall – stay tuned

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