Day 1 Rockwall to Tennessee and Bentonville to Tennessee

25 Jul

The trip is: Rockwall to Tennessee (meet up with the gang), North Carolina, and then Kentucky.

Today started out with us leaving Rockwall at 7:30 am about 30 minutes behind when Richard, Cindy, Dean and Sally left Bentonville. The plan was that they would head to Memphis taking the back roads and Julie and I would hit I-30 to Little Rock then pick up I-40 to Memphis. Once all three bikes got to Memphis we would all meet at Rendezvous for some ribs and then hit Hwy 64 to Selmer Tennessee for the night.

Ok I just have to say that today was amazing. You know how when you travel from Rockwall to Arkansas in late July and the temperatures are generally in the mid 70s, ya right that never happens, in fact if it is mid 90s you can consider yourself lucky. Well today from Rockwall to Little Rock it never got over 75 degrees and by the time we hit Memphis it was only in the mid 80s – what a blessing.

As mentioned Julie and I left Rockwall at 7:30, we traveled to Arkadelphia Arkansas and stopped at Ouachita Baptist for lunch at the “Chick”, as the cool students call it. Although eating at the “Chick” was good the real focus of the OBU trip was to get a Tigers sticker for the new bike. A bit of an explanation… anyone who know us knows there are only a few aftermarket items that every motorcycle must have… The list is: 1) GOOD SEAT for both riders – do not ever listen to the dealership if you are going to do long distance riding the seat needs to be good – ours is a Hammock, 2) SiriusXM – in the “old days” it was an XM that I rigged to the dash or handlebars – in this new world it is integrated into the bike, 3) University logos – added Baylor in the morning, added OBU after lunch – success, and new to the list for this bike 4) U.S. and Texas 6×9 antenna flags – they were hard to find but well worth the hunt… ok sorry back to the trip.

After eating lunch we headed to Little Rock and then on to Memphis. The ride was nice, although if you can avoid I-40 east and west between mm 216 and 260 I would strongly recommend it, we did not. After stop and go for about 30 for about 30 minutes, due to construction (I felt really bad for the folks heading west, it looked much worse), we were back on track but felt like we were running late. Ok this is where I have to tell you amazing thing number 2 from the day – all math people we have a word problem for you.

Setup: Two motorcycles leave Bentonville Arkansas at 7am and one leaves Rockwall Texas at 7:30am. The Bentonville team travels back roads for approximately 340 miles heading to Memphis and the Rockwall bike travels via interstate for approximately 450 miles.

Question: What are the odds that these three motorcycles will hit the same point on I-40 in West Memphis at the same time traveling east at highway speed?

Answer: I have no Idea but that is exactly what happened. Julie and I were traveling east on I-40 and when we passed the I-55 onramp the Bentonville group merged onto I-40 right behind us, not three cars behind us, not about the same time we did – I mean immediately behind us, that was amazing, God was certainly in charge of the timing.

After we all laughed about that and the fact that Richard had been saying “wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into Robert and Julie on the road” we headed to eat ribs, walk down Beale street, and hit I-40 east to US 64 east. We concluded the day in Selmer TN at Americas Best Inn (not that anyone could know that, gosh), they had good prices and good rooms at a great price.  It is great being with our friends and we are really looking forward to the rest of the week…. Tomorrow we are off to North Carolina, more then.


WP_20140724_017 WP_20140724_018 WP_20140724_012 1 WP_20140724_010 Tennessee Robert and Julie Richard and Cindy Ribs

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