Day 2 – Setting up for The Tail of The Dragon

26 Jul

Well up and at em for an 8am start. Our goal for Friday was to get to Murphy NC to set up for the Smokey mountain rides on Saturday, so we needed to cover about 350 miles. The morning ride was good, open fields and mountains in the distance. US 64 is a great road to travel if you like interstate convenience and road quality but smaller crowds and scenery. You will not get twisties or be board dragging but you will have a great ride.

We stopped in Winchester for lunch, I can in retrospect say that I recommend JD’s Kuntry Buffet, but you better be ready to eat. For about $10 you can get the buffet complete with every comfort food I love, less Chicken and Dumplings, and a glass (or 10) of iced tea. After dislodging ourselves from the buffet we made a quick cut over to I-24 and a popped over Thunder Creek Harley in Chattanooga. Wellllllll in all honesty the “popped over” thing was kind of like when the time share people tell you just drop in for a quick visit and you spend the next 5 hours trying to escape without buying 2 weeks a year at some resort. Well our pop over consisted of 40 miles of stop and go traffic, it was strange, we would sit still for a few minutes, go 10 miles an hour for a few minutes and then be at highway speed for a few minutes (wash, rinse and repeat for 40 miles). The other cool thing was that the road surface was new and smooth, OK it was new and smooth black top that seemed to have a built in heating system, the good news is I lost 5 pound of water weight.

The Harley shop was nice then onto US 64 and through some really beautiful country onto Murphy. Along the afternoon route we saw the Ocoee Olympic Kayak Park. I recommend dropping in there it is really amazing how they built this Kayak course for the Olympics and now on weekends Kayakers flock to this dam controlled park. Well out of the woods and into NC and Murphy. Claude, a friend of the Hawkins, was waiting for us in Murphy and had secured us rooms at the Hampton Inn, thank you. We went to Brothers for dinner, another good place with good food, back to the hotel and to bed, ready for the Tail of The Dragon tomorrow.


photo 3 photo 1 IMG_1344 IMG_1325 IMG_0694 FOTE228 DSCN0932

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One response to “Day 2 – Setting up for The Tail of The Dragon

  1. Barbs and Mike Gatlin

    July 26, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Keep those messages coming. Mike and I read them over breakfast. Enjoying hearing about your trip. Have fun and be safe.



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