Day 7 – Kentucky

30 Jul

We started out the morning with a good breakfast at the hotel then a short ride to the Kentucky Horse Park. Wow what an awesome place! pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s the leading tourist attraction for all things horse related. We took a short trolley ride through the park to get a quick overview. Then we saw the Hall of Champions show and the Horses of the World show. Outstanding!

Upon leaving the horse park we traveled past some of the most beautiful horse farms I have ever seen…acres and acres of rolling green fields perfectly fenced and lots of gorgeous, majestic horses.

Then we grabbed a quick lunch at Burger King and went to the Wild Turkey bourbon distillery for a quick tour. It was really interesting to find out the process and we found out that they actually make several different varieties. Then we got to taste some at the end of the tour….before you say anything…it was less than an ounce per person. Man, that stuff really burns while it’s going down the pipe.

When we left the distillery we headed through the Kentucky back roads to Bardstown to position us for tomorrow’s start.  In the morning we are going to the birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln in Hodgenville just a few miles away from here.

We checked into the Hampton Inn and walked across the street to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was surprisingly good! Finished the evening playing cards in the lobby and fellowshipping with our sweet friends.

This has to go down as our record lowest miles in a day at only 100 miles! We decided we would break up the trip home with more sight-seeing and less riding. So instead of getting home Thursday we’ll ride less aggressively and get home Friday.

IMG_1460 IMG_1459 IMG_1457

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