Day 8 – Bardstown KY to Jonesboro AR via Abraham Lincoln

01 Aug

Well the trip is winding down and today we start the push to home. This having been said we still have some great things to see and some wonderful country to ride.

We started out the day in Bardstown KY and our target for the morning is Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, boyhood cabin and museum. Really excited to see these locations and learn a bit more about our 16th president’s life. I have to admit that over the years I have read a book or two on Grant, Washington and more recently George Bush 43, all great men. But without a doubt the president I have dedicated the most time to is Abraham Lincoln. Although there have been several pivotal points in American history (American Revolution, Pearl Harbor, 911 to name a few) the Civil war takes the lead in my opinion, based on the fact that it was American –vs- American and the outcome would determine the countries fate. This all having been said it was wonderful seeing these locations and walking the land that such a great man walked. If you are interested in visiting these locations just head south from Bardstown to Hodgenville KY on 31E.

After seeing the sights we jumped on the bikes ready to make some serious miles. The day was great – we had 370 miles to cover to get to Jonesboro by evening and set up for our separate trips home on Friday. Along the way we saw more horse farms and countryside. The roads were great (the Abraham Lincoln Parkway to 65 to 155 to 49). We ended the day at the Hampton Inn (again J ) and eating at Cracker Barrel (another welcome stop), and of course we finished our game of Phase 10 (I Lost – Julie Won).

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