Day 2 – Boy Tennessee is wide….

09 Apr

What a great day. When we were planning the ride the first concern was borderline temperatures heading to D.C (forecast called for low 40s). As the trip got closer the concern become “the big storm” starting in Texas and heading East. What a blessing the storm stalled and we have been rain free, lot of wind, but rain free all the way to Virginia. Today we parked the bike in Wytheville VA, and 1 minute later the bottom fell out of the sky. Tomorrow will be touch and go for rain but no complaining from us, we thought we would have three days of rain. Also what about the temps…. We have been in 70-90 degrees the whole time – perfect weather.

We left Jackson TN this morning about 7am. Headed east on I-40, pretty much an interstate ride heading east, our goal is to get to Washington D.C. early on Friday to spend the weekend with Alex and Courtney.

Although today was an interstate ride, 500 miles worth, the scenery was great and Julie and I enjoyed listening to Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

Tomorrow we will give pictures and more info… today the internet connection seems a bit slow, oh well early to bed.. talk to you tomorrow.



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