Day 3 – DC Here We Come

11 Apr

Well it’s Saturday morning and I am writing yesterday’s entry today. We left Virginia at 7:00am with cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain in this last push into DC. It was actually quite foggy as we rode through the hills and valleys so we exited the highway and got some coffee and delicious biscuit sandwiches at the cutest little gas station/deli right outside Roanoke.


WP_20150410_005  WP_20150410_009

Back on the bike and still heading north. After a few more miles down the road, in Charlottesville VA (home of Jennifer and Andrew), miles the temps dropped another 10 degrees so we pulled off again…this time at a Dunkin’ Donuts (yippee!) and put on our rain suits to guard against the wind…much better! We sent a quick TXT to Jen to let her know we were riding through her town and hit the road again, funny thing is that she was in D.C with her dad David, small world.

Back on the bike again and only about 100 miles to go. Only one more stop for gas and we arrived in DC! We checked in to the hotel, unloaded the bike and rode it 1.5 blocks to Alex and Courtney’s apartment where we could park in the garage for $10/day rather than $45/day at the hotel. Then we arranged an “uber” to the senate building to see where Courtney works and Alex met us there as well. Pretty cool!

We walked around the Capital a bit,

WP_20150410_17_05_49_Pro WP_20150410_17_03_59_Pro WP_20150410_17_18_55_Pro WP_20150410_032

went to their favorite coffee shop (owned by their church and run to fund mission work – great concept that has proved a blessing for 9+ years), then back to their apartment for about an hour before dinner.

Alex had made reservations at “Monocle” a well-known restaurant for the DC crowd, it was lovely. We ate really well – a delicious crab appetizer, steaks and rockfish.


Then Alex and Courtney took us to the rooftop of The Washington Hotel “W” where just as we arrived we saw Marine One land and take off at the White House. So cool!

Wonderful day! So thrilled to be here visiting this precious couple. This morning we’re off to see the cherry blossoms from the Potomac.

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One response to “Day 3 – DC Here We Come

  1. Bill & Shirley Gilbert

    April 11, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    Hi Julie & Robert, We loved reading about your trip to DC. Most especially, we were thrilled that you were with Alex & Courtney for a look at their home and surroundings. Sounds like a great time together. Doesn’t it remind you of when you were first married and living in Baton Rouge and we came to visit? We know you are all having a wonderful time. Tell A & C hello for us. Love, Mom & Dad



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