Day 6/7 – Two Days for One

14 Apr

Well today you get a two for one because yesterday you got none, sorry we were bums.


We left DC around 8am (hated to leave Alex and Courtney) but they have work and I guess we have to ride….

We headed east to Maryland, through Annapolis, across the Chesapeake bridge

WP_20150413_008WP_20150413_013 1

then south down 50 to 13 to the Chesapeake Bridge and tunnel system to Virginia. This ride was great, we traveled at highway speeds as opposed to interstate speeds as we had from Dallas to D.C. The weather was great and heading south to the Bridge and tunnel looked like the water was closing in on you and you were going to go straight into the bay/ocean.

WP_20150413_014 1

With the mild weather and light winds the bridge was a lot of fun but a bit chilly since the temperature over the water was 14 degrees cooler than over the land….

WP_20150413_008 WP_20150413_015 1 WP_20150413_016


Once across the bridge and well into Virginia we pointed the bike to North Carolina and Kitty Hawk. A couple of stops for gas and Harley shirts, we passed through Kitty Hawk and ended up in Kill Devil Hills for the evening.

WP_20150413_026 1 WP_20150414_003 WP_20150413_032 WP_20150413_030 1 WP_20150414_012

Generally once we park the bike for the evening we do not get back on so finding a restaurant close is important. Trusting local opinion over social media we asked the desk clerk for recommendations within walking distance (on a Monday night off-season in a resort area). His recommendation was Mama Kwan (Tiki Bar), we gave it a shot and it was really good. For a bonus on the way back to the hotel Julie saw 3 cats and go to pet one of them, wow what a great day, forget that whole bike thing the cat sightings were the highlight….wow. When we returned to the hotel we thanked the desk clerk for the recommendation and he responded, “right On”.

Today we had an early start, pre 7am, miles to go before we sleep. The plan today was to head west to Hwy 17 then south to Myrtle Beach. The morning ride was beautiful, along shores, through tree lined two lane roads and over bridges. Although we had a long way to travel today talking the back roads was the right way to go. Once we got a taste of Myrtle Beach we headed west to I95 south to make up some time.

WP_20150414_013 WP_20150414_015



Tonight we stopped south of Savannah. Tomorrow we will head south to Jacksonville and then west to Pensacola Beach for a day of fun, sun and friends.


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2 responses to “Day 6/7 – Two Days for One

  1. Laurel Kressler

    April 15, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    So much fun! Love ya’ll!


  2. Bill & Shirley Gilbert

    April 15, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    Daddy here…Hi Dere…sounds like you are having so much fun! My behind hurts just thinking of it. Glad you are seeing lots of historical sights and scenery. Look forward to seeing your next blog and particularly the one when you’re home safe and sound…Love you guys….Harley ho!



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