Day 2 – Exploring Wyoming

05 Jul

WP_20150703_002 WP_20150703_005 1 WP_20150703_009 WP_20150704_053 1 IMG_0447 WP_20150703_002 WP_20150704_001 1 WP_20150704_011 WP_20150704_029 WP_20150704_034 WP_20150704_045 1 WP_20150704_052 1First of all Happy Independence Day and may we always remember those who sacrifice so much for our freedom.

Today we traveled only about 270 miles but it was quite warm and the scenery wasn’t much to “write home about” We stopped in Casper for lunch at noon and it was even hotter the next 2 hours but … what could we have expected! It’s July in Wyoming! Plus there’s not much room to complain when you’re on the open road and vacationing with good friends.

Something that always comes to mind when riding on a warm summer day through wide-open countryside on a motorcycle going 70+ miles an hour are the brave people that settled this land, who traveled under harsh conditions with their families in search of a better life and to grab part of the American dream. As a country I think we often forget those who came before. We look forward to what is next and that is a good thing but I believe it is important to do so built on the foundation of the past. So next time you are in your car, peddling your bike, riding your motorcycle or simply hiking the open roads imagine doing it in a wagon with no convenience stores, cell phones, hydration vests or GPS support. Every time I think of those who did I am amazed at what brave souls they must have been.

We arrived in Gillette at 4:00 and checked in to the hotel, dropped off our luggage and rested for about a half hour. Then we rode an easy 120 mile round trip to see the Devil’s Tower National Monument, which, by the way, is the first national monument in the US. It is truly a natural wonder!

Dinner and visiting in the lobby till bed time. Heading for Cody, Wyoming tomorrow – weather looks cooler and possibility of some rain showers.



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