Day 4 – Cody and Culture

08 Jul

Monday morning in Cody, as mentioned yesterday, we took the morning to take in some of the historic sites and then onto the North East entrance to the park in the afternoon. The first stop of the morning was the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Although you could spend a couple of days here we got a taste of it in a few hours, I would recommend more time if you really want to do justice to this attraction that is bigger than 6 football fields and covers a diverse set of history from guns, to western exploration, and art (to name only a few). After the Center of the West we rolled over to the historic Old Trail Town Village and then to the Buffalo Bill Dam.

We grabbed lunch and gas then hit the road to West Yellowstone. We went up through Montana just a few miles before entering Yellowstone National Park at the northeast entrance. The very first thing we saw was a herd of bison…and then another herd and another. Those things are huge! Then the coolest thing happened, a young bear ran across the street right in front of Dean and Salley’s bike! They were able to get a picture of him just as he climbed up the tree, I got one too but not as good as their’s. The only other wild life we saw was a few moose way on the other side of a river…in fact they were so far away we could not convince Salley that they were truly moose! So funny!

After a fabulous day at the park we ran into a part of the road being resurfaced and boy was that challenging, for us bikers that is. It had just rained and made the road a muddy mess but our experienced drivers navigated the road with no problem.

We arrived in West Yellowstone, Montana at the lovely Days Inn – which was extremely over priced for the quality of room – but what can you do when you’re staying just outside Yellowstone Park; had BBQ for dinner then off to bed.

It was a beautiful ride today. Great weather except for the last few miles of rain. Looking forward to tomorrow as we’ll be back in Yellowstone for the morning.



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