Day 5 – In the park and onto Jackson

08 Jul

Even though the hotel rooms were pretty “bare bones” the breakfast at the Days Inn was great. We rode straight into the park at 9:00am. Within the first mile we were at a standstill and we figured there must have been a wild life sighting of some sort. And we were right except, it wasn’t just a sighting out in the meadow as it usual is, there was a Bison walking right down the middle of the lane coming toward us! Since our lane wasn’t moving, the three of us girls jumped off the bikes to get pictures. Up close, they are even bigger! Salley and I both took pictures and even a short video of that guy walking down the street. It was just a bit scary when he looked at us with that huge head and piercing eyes!

The first actual stop inside the Park was to walk around a series of geysers and hot springs. The colors of the pools of water and the ground around them are formed from microorganisms that live in and around the springs. We walked around them on boardwalks so we got to see them close up.

Our last stop was Old Faithful. Our timing was pretty much perfect We sat down for about a half hour right in front of it and right on schedule she erupted. It was quite amazing! We ran, and I do mean ran, to the Old Faithful Café just as the eruption was completing to beat the thousands of people there and ate lunch before getting back on the bikes.

Our destination was Jackson, Wyoming. What an exciting little town! We ate dinner then played cards in the hotel lobby. The first couple of nights we played a game called “Spades Up” and last night we played “Phase 10”. I believe Dean has won almost every night! Well, good night. We’ll be in Utah tomorrow.

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One response to “Day 5 – In the park and onto Jackson

  1. Bill & Shirley Gilbert

    July 9, 2015 at 9:08 am

    We had so much fun reading your blog and looking at the pictures! Thanks for sharing the good times you are having with us. You made our day! Mom & Dad



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