Bonus Ride – Robert and Julie fly thru Colorado, New Mexico and Texas

12 Jul

Thursday after leaving our friends Julie an I headed to Buena Vista Co for the night.

To avoid the rain we headed south from Glenwood Springs through Snowmass (thinking of Lisa #StopDomesticViolence) then on to Aspen and over Independence pass to Buena Vista.  Thursday night we stayed in Buena Vista, Co at the quaintest, neatest, little family owned hotel.

ind WP_20150709_027

We walked to a local coffee shop Friday morning for coffee and I got donuts at a donut shop across the street – almost as good as Shipley’s.

WP_20150710_002 WP_20150710_001

Robert and I rode through the Colorado mountains today going over Monarch Pass and trying to miss rain showers all afternoon. We grabbed a quick lunch in Gunnison then rode a while longer and stopped in Silverton to miss a rain shower and got pie and coffee at a diner. Thanks to Robert’s excellent driving skills and the GPS we missed all the rain! Rode into Durango and called it a night. Thank you Lord for another beautiful and safe day on the bike.

WP_20150710_004 WP_20150710_006 WP_20150710_007 WP_20150710_008 WP_20150710_011 WP_20150710_012 WP_20150710_013 WP_20150710_014 WP_20150710_015 WP_20150711_001

Saturday was a race to Lubbock, 550 miles that lead us through Albuquerque to see Laure and Addison and some great New Mexico scenery.

WP_20150711_007 WP_20150711_004 WP_20150711_005 WP_20150711_008 WP_20150712_001

We arrived in Cotton Center Saturday night to stay will Lea Ann, Todd, Cody and Jenny – great times….

Sunday started off with seeing Mom and then braving the heat through Texas (102 degrees) to arrive in Rockwall at about 7pm to officially end the 2015 Friends ride……


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