Days (1-3) Trailer Days + 1

22 Apr

Tuesday April 19 2016
Well today is a two for one (for the Arkansas crew we would have to say 3 for 1).  Cindy, Richard, Sally and Dean arrived in Rockwall on Tuesday around 6pm.  We had dinner, did a bit of additional planning, we try not to plan too much, and hung out for the evening.  The groups trip from Bentonville to Rockwall was uneventful, just like you want “trailer” days to be.  There had been rain forecasted for them but not a drop fell, what a blessing.

Wednesday April 21 2016
We started the trip from Rockwall, heading to Carlsbad NM, under clouds but again we really did not see any rain.  We did however ride in very moist chilly air, good thing we had on the rain suits as the damp air and sub 60 degree temps would have made for a cold soggy ride (we must remember this in August when the dry hot days are overpowering our wet vests).  We stopped in Abilene for Whataburger since some of the crew had not eaten there and then onto Carlsbad. 

Again this was a “trailer” day, what does that mean, well there are two schools of thought: some people prefer to trailer their bikes to a destination and then tour on the bike seeing the sights, others prefer to ride the bike the entire way with no trailer.  Our group chooses to ride the bikes instead of trailering but that does not remove the fact that some days are simply about covering miles to get to destination points, I refer to these days as trailer days, you are covering miles quick.

West of Sweetwater the clouds broke, the temperature started up and we were covering miles.  We arrived in Carlsbad late Wednesday, ate some BBQ and hung out for the evening. 


Our route to Carlsbad was basically I30 to I20 to 87 to 180, simple route to move miles.

Thursday April 22 2016
With the miles covered we are now exploring and cruising.  We started out the day by heading to Carlsbad Caverns of course, three of us had been there before but three had not.  We had a great time and wouldn’t you know it turns out that all National Parks are free this week, and we will be going to a lot of National Parks.  Carlsbad had one new feature that none of had experienced, the elevator was broken due to extended repair needs and not only did we get to enter through the natural entrance we got to exit there as well.  If you have not been to Carlsbad that felt like walking down the Empire State Building then back up again, not sure it is that tall but boy it felt like it.


We grabbed a quick bite at the caverns and then jumped on the bikes to go to the Lincoln Forest (Cloudcroft) then onto White Sands. 


We experienced great motorcycle roads and had a great time and arrived in Las Cruces about 7pm.

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