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Day 4 (Las Cruces to Eagar Az)

Friday April 23 2016 Up and at ‘em for another day of adventure. After a good night in Las Cruces NM, a very filling dinner at Uno’s Pizza, and a restful night’s sleep we were ready to go. Rolling out at 8am the first stop was to put some air in my back tire, there seems to be a leak somewhere but it has been a bear to locate. Here goes one of those “you know you are old comments”…. When I was young you did not have to pay $1.25 for 1 minute of air, they just rolled that huge expense for the standard low pressure pump into the cost of the operation. And while we are on that subject, when we were kids the air pressure from the gas station pump could inflate the Hindenburg in 2 minutes (I know the Hindenburg did not use air) today a slow leak can cost you $3.75 to overcome, oh well. Tire inflated GPSs set we are off to find the Devils Highway. So for those of you who like the numbers it was I10 to Lordsburg then 70 north to Duncan, 75 to 191 then merge with 180 and into Eagar Arizona.

The first hundred miles of the day were west on I10, no real excitement but we did have to slow down through a border patrol checkpoint. The guards did look at Richard closely since he has that nice new bike but in the end decided he was probably legit and let him through (ok that was made up). We exited Lordsburg and jumped onto 70 for a long beautiful ride through flat land with Yucca growing in abundance, great ride. We stopped for lunch at Circle-K in Clifton then drove through town to start The Devils Highway.


Now when I say we drove through town what I should say is we drove through town and then through miles of mining area, Clifton is the home to vast copper mines and runs the largest leaching operation in the world (Info on Clifton:

Having cleared the mines and the scores of gigantic Tonka Truck looking rigs we were off to about 120 miles of switch backs and mountain roads. This ride was nice, fairly technical with elevation changes of ~5,000 feet from Clifton (up to 8,400 feet). If you take this road make sure you are topped off on gas and have plenty of water. The temps were fine this time of year but for much of the ride there is no cell coverage, no support, and very little traffic during the week (I suspect the weekends are a different matter). We arrived in Eagar at about 3pm for a relaxing afternoon, we are still recovering from the exit trip out of Carlsbad. Fun and games in the evening, early to bed for a very relaxing Saturday ride to the Petrified Forest and then onto Flagstaff. See y’all tonight.

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