Day 5 Petrified Forest & Winds to Flagstaff

24 Apr

Saturday April 24 is going to be a short day from a riding perspective and it turns out that is a good thing since we woke to sustained winds of 25MPH and gusts in the mid-30s. Question, what can turn a straight road into a curvy road…. Answer, strong winds with tricky gusts. Well today the easy ride turned fairly technical and the group did great, of course God gets the glory for the safe ride and protection.

After we made sure everything was secure we headed out to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. After battling the wind for about 2 hours we arrived at our destination. The sights were amazing, in many ways this part of the country reminds me of riding through the Badlands but with more color.


We toured the forest stopped at the visitor’s center then onto the bikes to hit Flagstaff before the winds increased.

At this point I must tell you of a sad occurrence that the group is still working through. While heading west on I-40 with strong sustained winds and sudden gusts we suffered the near death of Julie’s iPhone, that is right while traveling at 75mph it jumped from the bike. We are not sure yet what caused her phone to want to attempt such a foolish act, perhaps the altitude had gotten to it or a bad update left it confused, whatever the reason it leapt from the bike and attempted a tuck and roll escape. In my rearview mirror I could see the hit, I witnessed the case breaking formation and running to the protection of the sand and cactus, leaving the phone alone and face down on the shoulder. We stopped and began a search and rescue operation – the phone was recovered the case is listed as missing.


The phone screen was cracked and bruised but unbelievably the phone still worked, once we return home it will be time to retire this one and pick up a less adventurous device. Thankfully we have insurance through AT&T.

We finished in Flagstaff for the night, had a good meal at Red Lobster, then played games in the hotel lobby till the wee hours of 8pm. See you tomorrow.

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One response to “Day 5 Petrified Forest & Winds to Flagstaff

  1. Bill & Shirley Gilbert

    April 24, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Hi Julie & Robert, Enjoyed your blog and photos a lot. The first time we read the blog, the photos weren’t included. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So thankful you are safe and having a good time. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Love you, Mom & Dad



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