Day 9 Vegas to Phoenix

28 Apr

Well since we are old we didn’t stay out that late in Las Vegas, for us all night meant 10:30.  The next morning we decided that it probably would be best to leave after traffic died down so we met in the hotel lobby at 8 o’clock with a target to leave at nine. After a nice healthy meal of pancakes and assorted breakfast items we went to the bikes, loaded up, and headed out to face the Las Vegas traffic – which as it turns out really wasn’t that bad.

Well goodbye to Vegas hello Boulder City, on to tour Hoover DAm, well at least look at the museum and walk across the dam. I have to admit that after “Vegas Vacation” every time I think about Hoover Dam it has a whole new sense of comedy, some would attribute that to my lack of maturity. I know at 51 years of age I should be much more mature but the reality is I’m not. In all seriousness the accomplishment of building the dam and the effort of the people who made it a reality is amazing.

After touring the dam we jumped on the bikes for a quick four hour ride to Phoenix.  The biggest challenge was that we again had a headwind of about 25 miles an hour with approximately 120 miles of gas in the tank and a 55 mile trip to the next town. One thing you need to know about motorcycles is they get great gas mileage unless you have a strong headwind then all bets are off. We were faced with the decision of turning back and filling up with gas or risking the journey to the next town. As it turns out there was a gas station about 20 miles ahead that would allow us to fill up and be on our way. After filling our tanks for $3.89 a gallon


we were on our way to Phoenix. Other than wind the trip to Phoenix was fairly uneventful as you want most motorcycle rides to be.

We rode The Joshua Tree scenic route and stopped about 45 miles out of Phoenix for a DQ dip cone and a break.  As a bonus when we stopped there was a busload of Chinese tourist that had chosen the same stop. Noticing that they like the motorcycles we invited them to sit on the bikes and take pictures, that was fun for everybody. (When I was traveling in China I was told that the largest motorcycle a citizen could own was 125CC, our Harley’s are considerably bigger, hence the fun).

After The break we loaded up and finished our ride through Phoenix for our final night together as a group. We checked in the hotel found a place to eat and as a bonus got to meet up with Heather and BJ for dinner, what a great time together.

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