Day 1 All together and off to Whitefish….

10 Jul

Well in an adaptation of an old joke, how do you travel 6500 miles on a motorcycle? One mile at a time, today we did 475 of them.  Started in Billings Montana at 8am, the bad news is the day before it was 103 degrees heading into town, the good news is that clouds and a bit of rain kept todays temperatures below 80 most of the day with a high of 87 for a very short time.

For the first 200 miles we traveled West past Butte to Garrison (on 90) then highway 12 towards Helena then 141 to 200 north then onto 83. 

We did run into a bit of roadwork but nothing to fear, a short 20 minute delay and then off to the lodge.

The scenery was outstanding all day long and the weather was perfect.  This evening we are staying at the Kandahar Lodge at Whitefish Mountain Resort.

Tomorrow we are off to Banff by way of Glacier National Park, hope no one falls through a glacier (Leslie)….

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