Day 6 From the Fish Market to The Oregon Coast

16 Jul

Woke up in Bellevue and headed to Pike Place Market in Seattle to see the flowers and eat the food. We had breakfast at the Athenian Inn, great food and a few pics. Afterwards we went to the Harley store to check out the local merchandise, unfortunately the inventory was a bit low so we only got a couple of items, just as well as the bikes are reaching maximum cargo capacity. After Pike Place we started the ride to Seaside Oregon… The ride from Seattle to Olympia was bumper-to-bumper most of the way, lots of people and lots of construction…. Once we arrived in Olympia we exited to 101 then onto 8 then 107 and finally 101 again. After exiting the freeway and resuming the surface roads the traffic disappeared, and the ride was awesome. If you make this ride I would suggest taking the scenic portion of 101, it curves along the coast and is a great way to end the ride, a stark contrast to how the day began.

Hotel note: many times we just show up in town then find a hotel. Today we decided that we would book our hotel in Seaside in the morning instead of doing the typical pot luck approach. Booking the room earlier in the day was a good move as once we got to town the streets were full of tourist and the hotels were scarce (that is strange, a seaside resort on a summer weekend with little – go figure).

After checking in we had a nice seafood diner at Doogers, then elephant ears for desert (apparently the forerunner to the funnel cake), and then walked along the beach on the boardwalk. While the gang looked at a couple of sights I went out on the beach and stood in the water, very cold, no swimming for me.

Back to the hotel, a short game of Spades Rule and then off to bed to get ready for the next adventure down the Oregon coast.

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