Day 13 Grand Junction to Denver

23 Jul

Well unlike the night before, we woke up to beautiful weather. Rains it all moved out and the temperature was in the upper 60s time to ride to Denver.

Love the I-70 ride to Denver, from my experience it’s one of the most beautiful interstates in the country. Many interstates have beautiful portions but I-70 has about 200 miles of spectacular scenery. Starting at Glenwood Springs then onto Vail, Copper Mountain, Frisco, Idaho Falls and on to Denver.

Our first stop of the day was the Harley Davidson dealership in Glenwood Springs. We happen to show up or the last days they would be a Harley Davidson dealership they are changing to Polaris.

Before exiting into Glenwood Springs Julie spotted a deer drinking from the river so that was fun. After our Glenwood stop we headed on to Frisco for lunch. The nature of a I-70 on this stretch is that we had several opportunities to put our jackets on and take them off, elevations range from 5000+ to 10,000+feet.

To finish up I-70 ride there was a torrential down pour at Idaho Falls but we were blessed showing up about five minutes after it stopped.

We arrived at Leslie’s, went and saw Brooke at her work then ran over to see where Jake works and Leslie cooked dinner for us.

Later in the evening we met Brooke’s horse and got to see her ride barrels, that was fun.

Another great day.

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