Day 14 Bitter Sweet

23 Jul

Started the morning with donuts and coffee at Leslie’s house

Robert dropped by Walgreens medical clinic to get some medicine to handle sinuses and a pesky cough, no big deal.  

After that quick sidetrack Leslie took us to downtown for lunch and a quick tour.  

Lunch was good and downtown Denver was impressive.

After lunch we ran home to pack our stuff, say goodbye, get Julie to the airport for her 4:30 flight home and Robert’s bike pointed to Estes to start a week of summit rides.

My favorite thing in this world is the time Julie and I spend together touring the country on the motorcycle. Who would’ve dreamed 30 years ago that this would be the vacation past time that we would’ve chosen, what a blessing.  

This week the pictures won’t be as good and the blogs will be a bit  boring but the riding should be beautiful.

Chapter 4 begins:

Chapter 1 was the guys ride to Billings

Chapter 2 was the Harley family ride through Canada and the West Coast

Chapter 3 was Robert and Julie’s 30th wedding anniversary ride through California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, happy 30th Julie (a month late)

Chapter 4 is Robert solo ride through Colorado and and on….

Let the Chapter 4 begin… 

wait maybe I need a retake.  I dropped Julie at the airport pulled into the airport gas station and the bottom fell out of the sky.  OK no big deal,  the timing was perfect, I was inside and the rain lasted 10 minutes and then on to Estes.

The ride to Estes was great but unfortunately since I’m solo there are not many pictures 😉 

Arrived at the Estes Mountain Lodge at 5:30,

unpacked and jumped on the free shuttle to town for dinner (complete with wildlife, inside the shuttle and out)

Ate dinner at Ed’s cantina, Buffalo burger and a gallon of water (ok four glasses).  

Nice view and good food, plus you don’t always see a dog on a skateboard

Well early to bed tonight into Rocky Mountain national Park tomorrow.

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