Day 12 Elko to Grand Junction 

25 Jul

Well the goal today was to go from Elko to Glenwood Springs and get up early Saturday morning and ride into Denver to watch Leslie play tennis.  Although the ride might be a little long at 630 miles it was mainly Interstate 80 to Salt Lake City, Interstate 15 past Provo, highway 6 to Interstate 70 and into Glenwood Springs.

The ride and weather started out wonderful and about 55° heading east to Salt Lake City.  On the way we stopped at the Bonneville salt Flats and we’re amazed that people would drive any vehicles on the flats. 

Although it started getting hot after Salt Lake City and the traffic on 15 was a bit heavy that was nothing compared to the weather we ran into south of Wellington Utah and then again east of Green River Utah.  Both places held an exciting 35 to 45 mile an hour gusts of wind with the sustained wind of 20+ miles an hour.  The Green Rivers weather also held the added excitement of driving rain and visible lightning, I hate lightning while on the motorcycle…

Now with more than our wet vests wet and the prospect of 100 more miles of rain and lightning we decided to go ahead and pull over in Grand Junction Colorado for the night.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast looks great on into Denver early.

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