Day 16 Yellowstone of course

25 Jul

Last week we were trying to figure out when I rode Idaho and it turns out that I’ve circled it all these years, we fixed that yesterday 🙂

Beautiful morning in Idaho Falls, picture included

(Hey Sally you won’t believe it but right outside my hotel room, you guessed it, a moose!)

I started the day with the complementary hot breakfast at the Quality Inn/Rodeway Inn (I have to say this hotel is definitely winning the price to value competition this trip).  

And we are off…

Where to ride?  Well you can’t be 100 miles from the world’s first national park and just pass it by, you have to show respect (that fact was imparted to us by the ex-mayor of Banff a couple weeks ago, although I did remember that from American history)


Two years ago when the Harley Family road Yellowstone we started at the northeast entrance and rode the western side of the Grand Loop then exited thorough Grand Teton national Park, after an overnight in West Yellowstone.

Today I entered through West Yellowstone took the Grand Loop south then north on the eastern side, exiting the northern exit.  

The ride was great and the park was not overly crowded.  Since we saw Old Faithful a few years ago I was able to skip those crowds, that was nice.  I really enjoyed the eastern side of the park and was able to take a few pictures (all from a stop).

Obligatory proof of bike photo 

Today I spotted Buffalo, Elk, Ground Squirrel, and a group of people that spoted a bear (I saw the people not the bear)

The weather was beautiful all day with  Temperatures that ranged from 68° to 73° with cloud cover (and it never rained where I was riding.)

After five hours in the park I headed to I-90 for the three hour drive to Billings, that’s right who would’ve ever guessed twice in one ride.  Found great accommodations for $88 what a steal!  Also, I have to mention that Billings at 73° is much nicer than Billings at 101°.  

Finally I want to thank billings for having an old fashion Fuddruckers complete with spud seasoning, what a great way to end the day!

Well closing out another great day… talk to you on the road tomorrow, destination North Dakota!

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