Day 18 Onto #49 and a bit of Bike TLC

27 Jul

Out of the hotel before 7 AM and then to Alexandria before 9 AM to get the 10k  service, about 1500 miles tardy.

The ride this morning started at about 59° and the high today is supposed to be 82°, feels like April in Texas…

Just about 20 miles down I-94 and the view is outstanding, lakes and crops

Out of the norm for me I rolled into town with less than 15 miles of gas for remaining… yikes… there was road construction and the gas exit was 2 miles before the gas station, oh well the good news is the Harley gas gauge seems to be accurate.  

Got the 10K service at APOL’s Harley in Alexandria web:, running great.  The dealership was nice, the people were outstanding.  They took my bike straight into service and even shared breakfast with me, 

The drive from Alexandria past Minneapolis / St. Paul was straight Interstate but after the big city I moved over to State Highway 10 then 35 on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi, highly recommend this route.  

At Nelson I took State Highway 25 across the Mississippi then State Highway 61 to I-90 on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi. Beautiful drive all the way to La Crosse then onto the Dells.

The hotel I am in is not a value winner just cheap 😦 no recommendations on the hotel 

but the Dells seem fun, remind me of Branson.
Had diner at Monks, a 70 year old establishment, I do recommend Monks.

Great day to day I wonder what tomorrow holds?

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