Day 21 Two days at home and off to Amarillo 

31 Jul

Well after:

  • riding over 1000 miles on Friday to get home to Julie and Morgan,
  • traveling to Waco on Saturday to attend Kelsie and Aaron’s wedding (what a great time), 
  • getting to see Alex and Courtney (and celebrate Courtney’s birthday), 
  • playing in a tennis match Sunday (we will not discuss the outcome), and 
  • reporting my mileage for the “Mile Master” competition to Harley-Davidson of Dallas (almost 9000 in July as of this morning).

it is off to Albuquerque via Amarillo. 

Today’s ride was out to Denton, 380 West to highway 287 to Wichita Falls then Amarillo.

The ride today it was very bizarre.  July 30 in Texas and only an hour of the ride was in 90° plus heat, most of the ride was in the 80s.  To boot, after huge rainstorm around Childresss the temperatures dropped into the 70s (am I am Texas?)

I arrived in Amarillo about 6 PM checked into my hotel and headed straight to The Big Texan.  I opted to pay for my meal in cash not pain and order the 16 ounce Ribeye instead of the 72 ounce challenge.

Tomorrow morning off to Albuquerque to see Laurel, Briaun and the crew.

Goodnight from Amarillo 

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