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Day 24 Home

So the final day of chapter four, the ride from Lubbock to Rockwall. Started the day in the usual way, coffee, gas, sunscreen, sightseeing… ok so the sightseeing part may have been over played. After a quick stop to see the new 4OUR complex, seems to be a TopGolf competitor, I was onto 19th street east and headed home.

It is always strange riding through Lubbock, it feels like two different towns. One town is the Lubbock I grew up in with the wide-open streets and familiar sites.

The other Lubbock is a town that has PF Chang’s, 4OUR, and a host of other new sites. The city that I associate with growing up is primarily located inside the loop, as with most cities it is a city in a city. Well enough of that…

Leaving town I believe I counted 3.7 million Prairie dogs along east 19th street. I am not sure but it feels like the yippee dogs are winning the war.

Today’s track is a combination of routes. Instead of taking 82 to Seymour then ether 82 to Wichita Falls or 114 to Jacksboro I headed south off 82 at Guthrie to pass through Aspermont.  I would not recommend this route as a time saver but since I had not been through Aspermont since I was young I wanted to pass through. Aspermont… When we were young we spent a fair bit of time in Aspermont (OK, outside of Aspermont), it is where I learned to hoe grapes, drive a combine, prepare show pigs, rope and ride, work cattle, and a variety of other skills. I am sure I was not very good, in comparison, at any of these things but I can tell you I have used these starts to skills all through my life and am grateful to the Cochrans for the opportunity.

Ok so on with the ride, 83 south at Guthrie, then 380 east.

(I wonder if this guy knows Sue)

Quick stop in Newcastle for a burger and back on the bike to Dallas.

380 to I-35, I should have stayed on 380 to the other side of Dallas then worked my way down to Rockwall, since it was well before 5pm and I was heading into town I fought the construction instead. So, from here it is simply a town ride. I-35 south to President George Bush Tollway east, 66 east to Rockwall then home.

Tomorrow I will do the wrap-up for the trip… Wow what a trip.

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Day 23 Off to Lubbock

Got a late start out of Albuquerque which is good because I spent some more time with Laurel and crew but bad because I will lose an hour heading east, oh well I will just adjust the route and all will be fine.

Instead of heading south to Cloudcroft then east to Lubbock I decided to take a portion of Route 66 over to Santa Rosa, you may also know it as I-40. I ate at a Route 66 diner, really good food…

…then south on 84 to 60 east at Fort Sumner.

I have ridden this route several times and no doubt could simply pull old blogs to report out. One cool thing that happened this time is I hit 10,000 touring miles in 24 days of riding. The anticlimactic part is that when the trip meter hits 10,000 on the Harley it goes to 0.0, oh well so much for that.

Into Lubbock at 5:30 and a quick stop at Wild West Harley to make hotel reservations and get hold of Lea and Todd for diner.

Normally I would stay with Lea and Todd but due to the amount of rain in the area and the fact that that the last couple of miles to the house are dirt we decided that a hotel would be much simpler than playing slip and slide this late in the trip (even with the bell that Dean gifted me).

We had a great diner and wonderful time catching up, it sure would be nice if Lubbock, Denver, Albuquerque and Rockwall were next to each other…. Well off to bed and heading home tomorrow.

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Day 22 Wild Hogs???

OK so I have to admit I did watch Wild Hogs when it was released and I’ve watched it every year before our big bike rides, am I ashamed of this?, No!

I appreciate the premise and at some level must admit that I am motivated by the pure freedom riding my motorcycle around the country, much like the characters in the movie.  To take this to its natural end today my ride will pass through Madrid NM on my way to Albuquerque. 

The direct route from Amarillo to Albuquerque would be I-40, that’s it, just I-40, how much more simple could it be? I of course did not take a 40… I opted to take I-27 south to HW 60 west 

and at Ft Sumner 84 to Santa Rosa.  At this point I jumped on I-40 west then took 285 North at Cline’s Corner and some no name rd over to SR14 through Madrid and onto Ceader Crest to I-40 and then onto Albuquerque. Whew….(i’m sure that’s a run on sentence but oh well)

Unfortunately I didn’t spend much time around Madrid since the skies were blackening and this area is prone to flash flooding but I will say the town looked interesting and really appeared to be more of an art area that a biker hang out.

Well on to Albuquerque and spending some time with Laurel, Briaun, and the family. It’s always great to see everybody and we had a great time. 

Well tomorrow starts the journey back to Texas with a stop off to see Lea and Todd and then on to Rockwall.  Love it

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