Day 23 Off to Lubbock

03 Aug

Got a late start out of Albuquerque which is good because I spent some more time with Laurel and crew but bad because I will lose an hour heading east, oh well I will just adjust the route and all will be fine.

Instead of heading south to Cloudcroft then east to Lubbock I decided to take a portion of Route 66 over to Santa Rosa, you may also know it as I-40. I ate at a Route 66 diner, really good food…

…then south on 84 to 60 east at Fort Sumner.

I have ridden this route several times and no doubt could simply pull old blogs to report out. One cool thing that happened this time is I hit 10,000 touring miles in 24 days of riding. The anticlimactic part is that when the trip meter hits 10,000 on the Harley it goes to 0.0, oh well so much for that.

Into Lubbock at 5:30 and a quick stop at Wild West Harley to make hotel reservations and get hold of Lea and Todd for diner.

Normally I would stay with Lea and Todd but due to the amount of rain in the area and the fact that that the last couple of miles to the house are dirt we decided that a hotel would be much simpler than playing slip and slide this late in the trip (even with the bell that Dean gifted me).

We had a great diner and wonderful time catching up, it sure would be nice if Lubbock, Denver, Albuquerque and Rockwall were next to each other…. Well off to bed and heading home tomorrow.

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