Day 5: York to Hershey via Amish country (90 miles)

09 Jul

Today will be a leisurely ride, less than 100 miles with a bit of sightseeing along the way. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Remember the discussion we had a couple days ago about replacing motorcycle gear along the way? Well it turns out Cindy found a new helmet and I got a new Hammock seat, boy what a difference it made.

Today’s adventure is solving a problem with my satellite radio reception, seems the 2017 Limited model has issues when the antenna is mounted inside the faring.

As I type this I can almost hear people saying “that’s too bad your satellite radio doesn’t work, that sounds like a first world problem.” The reality is if the satellite radio isn’t working nether is weather radar and that can be a challenge, OK you’re right that’s also a first world problem 🙂

That having been said and all the laughter subsided… I pulled the faring, mounted the antenna externally, problem solved. (Well, once we went to Walmart and got some Velcro to use on the outside of a $30,000 bike).

OK and you got a love the blue shoestring safety strap for my GoPro.

After a bit of riding around Lancaster county we headed to Lititz for lunch at the Bulls Head on Main Street.

After lunch we are heading to see a few Amish bridges.

Onto Hershey….

Once we arrived in Hershey we checked in at The Hershey Lodge (really enjoyed the lodge) and then headed off to The Hershey Story.

It’s amazing how much Hershey did for the community and the world, a truly generous family. In the early 1900s they dedicated the majority of the families wealth $60m to an orphanage and school for the underprivileged. That school continues today over 100 years later as the majority stockholder in the Hershey Corporation.

Then onto The Hershey gardens followed up with Chocolate World. All in all a wonderful calorie filled end to a great day.

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