Day 7 – Niagara Falls! (90 Miles)

11 Jul

Well today’s the day! We got up early to get the last 90 miles in to park the bikes at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel. We changed clothes in the lobby bathroom (where all the high class folks dress), left our luggage with the bellhop and walked down the street for some breakfast/early lunch at no where else but – Tim Horton’s!!! If you followed us at all last year you saw that we discovered this magnificent donut store that is only located in the far north and East US and Canada.

Yesterday morning, we signed up online for a Niagara Falls tour.  We were instructed to be in the lobby at 11:30 sharp so the bus could pick us up at 12:30, apparently there were a few hiccups on one of the other hotel stops.  Well we loaded up and continued the route to several other hotels and then off to Maid of the Mist, Horseshoe Falls / Goat Island and the whirlpool.  The fun part is that all of those sights are in the US, wait we are in Canada, OK lets go back to the US except this time on a tour bus.  Crossing the border required us to unload, answer the typical questions then load up again, really not that big of deal but pretty funny considering we just crossed the border a few hours earlier.  Well off to 1 more hotel on the US side, switch out a bus for a larger vehicle, then to the Maid of the Mist.

Couple of tips, if you are on the Canadian side and just want to ride the boat under the falls you can ride the Horn Blower, if you want to ride Maid of The Mist you need to go to the US, there are several sights on both side.  If you want multiple border crossing then follow out path.

Maid of the Mist:  This trip was about 30 minutes and consisted of a short trip up to the Falls, a few minutes of getting blown around and soaked.  This activity was well worth it,  once you are sitting on that boat near the Falls you really get a sense for how massive they are.

Then we were off to the Horseshoe Falls Park / Goat Island (home of Lucky) to see the falls from the top.  It is amazing how calm the water is as it approaches the falls and how violent it becomes once the “fall” begins.

The last stop on the US side was Whirlpool Park.  I was not able to see the whirlpool as clearly as I expected, probably too many Looney Toons cartoons gave me the wrong impression, but regardless of my ability to see the whirlpool it apparently is a very dangerous portion of the river, the number of people that have died there attest to that.

Well back across the border, up on the Skylon Tower (Canadian Space Needle), then back to the hotel.

To end the evening we went to a Canadian (haha) restaurant, Tony Roma’s, then off to Tim Hortons for desert (and some Gelato place that served as Sally put it “frustratingly small cones”).  Well off to more adventures….

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