Daty 13: Started in Rolla and onto Bentonville and then Rockwall (566 miles)

17 Jul

Well the last day started in Rolla Missouri, west to Joplin then south to Bentonville Arkansas.

Once we hit Arkansas, Richard and Cindy headed home and Julie and I ate lunch with Bill and Shirley, then pointed the bike towards Rockwall.

The trip from Rolla to Bentonville was rain free and really never had a threat.  From Bentonville to Rockwall we skirted storms the whole way

but never got wet (other than our wet vests).

The day ended with 105 degrees of Texas heat, a fitting end to a trip that saw temperatures start in the 100s drop to the upper 50s a then back to the 100s.

The quick wrap-up is that we rode 12 days and 3,665 as a team.  We rode in 2 countries (USA and Canada: 4 border crossings) and 11 states (Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin).  Julie and I added 2 states getting to and from Arkansas and ended up with 13 days of riding and 4,227 miles.

Julie and I can not express how much we love theses annual trips with our dear friends.  This trip marks the 6th adventure and we are already asking where is the ride next year….

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