Day 4 In search of a moose

09 Jul

Day 4 started around 8:00 am in West Yellowstone with a temperature of 50 degrees, moose love the cold. To be fully prepared, the day before we bought a pair of binoculars, maybe the moose like to hang out just out of normal eyeshot (ok 55 year old with contacts). Well the bad news is no moose, yet, the good news is that the ride was great and I have a great set of binoculars for the rest of the trip.

Back into Yellowstone once more and through the Old Faithfull traffic (not much traffic actually) on the south portion of the grand loop. Turn south at West Thumb and onto The Grand Tetons.

The Grand Tetons are magnificent, with a much different look than the Rockies. The mountains are more jagged and would seem very daunting to climb, of course we ride motorcycles and do not climb so what would I know. After a few stops for sightseeing and lunch it was back on the bikes to Jackson.

So far this trip we have ended up riding late and eaten dinner at 8ish. We are all a touch older now so we really prefer the ‘Del Boca Vista” (Seinfeld reference) hour and playing a variety of card games that Cindy always packs. Today we hit Jackson before 3pm, checked into the hotel and started walking around town to find Cindy a new watter bottle, she left hers in Red Lodge.

If you have ever read these blogs before you know that one of the group ends up loosing something on each trip. The first trip Dean left his camera at a lunch stop (we were able to retrieve that by riding an extra 40 miles back). A few years latter I left my cell phone at Caves Cove (we got that back after riding back through the crowded park). This trip Cindy lost an old water bottle, she really needs to up her game, you are supposed to loose expensive electronics.

Well we toured the town, ate ice cream, bought water bottles at Ace Hardware (I got one too), ate dinner and ended the day playing Spades Rule. All in all another great day. Tomorrow is an intermediate trailer day to Provo, making miles to Zion. Till then see ya, oh and if you are at the Rock Creek resort in Red Lodge and see a Harley Tervis, let me know , it belongs to Cindy.

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