Day 6 Staging ride to Zion

11 Jul

Some days are about sightseeing and some days are about getting to the next sightseeing location. Today was about getting to Zion (Springdale) to start the canyon riding portion of our trip.

Today was a relaxing start. Richard and Cindy had to go to Harley for the 5,000 mile service on their bike and the rest of us went to Denney’s for breakfast. all and all a nice slow morning.

We started the ride at about 11am and since we were just focused on getting to Springdale before it got hot we rode I-15 instead of backroads. We were successful in making it to Springdale before it got hot, that is if you consider 105 a breezy mild afternoon (but of course it was, as they say, a dry heat). Regardless of the I-15 route we still were able to take in some pretty magnificent views and had a great ride.

After getting to the hotel (La Quinta, nice place) taking a quick dip in the pool and eating Mexican food, we all headed to our rooms to get ready for Act 2 of the trip: Canyon riding.

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