Day 7 Wow, where to start

12 Jul

Well actually, we will start in Springdale at the gates of Zion West. We hit a really restrictive item this morning, no lobby coffee, ok they did supply in-room coffee makers and coffee but this is the first stop that did not have lobby coffee. This did give me me a chance to stroll down the street to a local coffee shop for the good stuff. While I was there I started talking to a local musician that had learned a Tom Petty song the night before on request of a barista. He learned “Walls”, which lead into a deeper discussion. This conversation was fun but it did cause me to be 2 minutes late to KSU (Kick Stands Up) as Richard calls it. Well enough of that, onto the important stuff.

We entered Zion west at about 8am and paid the $30 park fee for the motorcycle. Although we did not do the shuttle into the scenic portion of Zion the private vehicle drive was plenty scenic. Julie and I have been to Zion 3 times now and each time is great, we do not hike, we just ride through and enjoy God’s creation.

After Zion we headed Northeast on 89 to 12, Bryce Canyon. The entrance to Bryce Canyon cost $35 per vehicle. We finally wised up and decided to get an annual pass that took our Zion fee into account and ended up costing us $50, this is great as we have 2 or 3 more parks left. In addition to only costing $50 dollars the annual pass allows 2 motorcycles (if I were not such a nice guy I would mention that Richard and Cindy got the same pass for $20 since they are senior citizens, but I am a nice guy so I will not mention that).

At Bryce we went to the visitor center (IT WAS OPEN, WOW A FIRST) We took the main park road to the last site (based on the park ranger’s suggestion) then worked our way back through Rainbow Point, Natural Bridge, and Inspiration Point.

After Bryce we headed past Escalante and into Torrey for the evening. So much happened from sun to rain to wind to cows it is hard to cover it all so Julie will do it via pictures and videos.

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